General Manager Interview Questions and Answers

General Manager job Interview questions

A General Manager requires great qualifications, experience and insight. The interview for a general manager is a tough interview and the interview process is generally very long. This is because a general manager has to perform many functions and skills. So you need to make preparations for your interview so as to give confident answers. Some of the most frequently asked General Manager Interview questions are given below. The answers to the questions are also given below for your reference.

1 Q: What factors are crucial within an organization and must be present for you to work most effectively?

A: Mention about general factors which are essential for smooth running of organizations. Do not be specific in your requirements but you should show your flexibility and adaptability to work in organizations. The interviewers want someone who can adjust with the company’s goals and policies easily.

2 Q: As a Manager, one of your jobs is to provide direction and leadership for a work unit. Describe how you have accomplished this in your previous job.

A: Since you are applying for the post of a General Manager, it is important have leadership and direction skills. Describe with an example how you were successful in both the skills. The interviewer wants to know whether you will suit to the requirements for the post of General Manager. Be brief and convincing in your answer.

3 Q:. How will you measure your success as a Manager?

A: The interviewer wants to hear about the measurable goals that you will set for yourself. A Manager’s one of the roles is to set and achieve goals. Mention the goals you will set for yourself and your employees and how you will achieve those goals which will help you in achieving organizational growth. Motivation and team spirit is essential for achieving goals. In your answer set goals according to the nature of your work.

4 Q: How are you going to delegate tasks?

A: Describe your process of delegation of tasks to your employees. For a Manager, delegation of duties is one of the key tasks of a Manager. Also mention the steps you will take to ensure timely completion of duties.

5 Q: What do you think can be your biggest Management Weakness?

A: It is important to avoid saying much about your weakness. However, to answer this question you should give one weakness which is not unbelievable. While answering, you need to convert your weakness into strength. For example you can say that due to work pressure you sometimes forget to appreciate the good work by an employee. Mention the steps you will be taking to ensure this weakness will not be a hindrance while you are working as a General Manager.

6 Q:. Why do you want to join this company?

A: You have to answer showing that you have researched the company as a whole and you feel you are a good match for their requirements. Describe how your skills match with the job description. Find something unique about the company and answer accordingly. It is important to convince your interviewer the reason why you want to work in the company by giving a proper answer.

7 Q:. What are your biggest achievements till date?

A: Say about the achievements which also relate to the job you are applying for. Demonstrate something which benefits the organization. If you have many achievements, mentioning one or two of them is sufficient for answering this question. You do not need to give a lengthy answer for this question. Keep the answer short and to the point.

8 Q:. Describe about a problem that you have solved in your previous job.

A: A General Manager is expected to deal with problems. So problem solving skill is required for undertaking the responsibility of this position. If you are applying for this job you must be having the experience of managerial or supervisory position in your previous jobs. Give an example from your previous job where you have handled a problem using your skill and ability. Mention the approach you used and say about your decision making skills.

9 Q:. Where do you see yourself in say 5 years time?

A: The interviewer does not want to know about your personal goals. Whatever you say it should be related to your career goal. You cannot be aimless; you need to have goals in your life. Before appearing for your interview, it is necessary to think about where you want to see yourself after few years. Also do not sound too ambitious. Be realistic in your answer.

10 Q: What do you like about your present job?

A: You are planning to leave your present job so you need not mention lot of things that you like. Mention one or two things which also relate to the requirements of the job you are interviewing for. You may say for example, the job provided constant new challenges or you liked working in a team or the job required communicating and meeting with new people.

11 Q:. What do you enjoy about the industry you are in?

A: This can be a very difficult and tricky question for you. But be diplomatic in your answer. Mention something which is general and related to business. Whatever you say in your answer, be polite and confident.

12 Q: Rate your management skills on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 representing excellent management skills.

A: Be honest in your answer and do not rate yourself neither very low nor very high. It is better to judge yourself based on the management skills you have shown in your previous jobs. The interviewer wants to know how you assess yourself and whether you have the required management skills. Also give some examples of your previous job in support of your answer.