Top 10 Stay Interview Questions Employers Ask

Top 10 Stay Interview Questions Employers Ask

Stay interviews are normally conducted between a manager and a highly valued employee that is on the verge of leaving the company. It is a persuasion interview to make him/her stay. The purpose of this interview is to get to the reason behind employee’s such decision and come up with some damage control. Most companies refer to it as pre-exit interview as the term indicates the possibility of the personnel leaving the firm.

Big shot companies conduct stay interviews to understand the potentialities of the high-performing employees and motivate them to stick on to the company for long term. This retention strategy thus comes handy with people you do not want to let off and create the most beautiful work environment.

Below are a few stay interview questions most employees normally ask during such sessions:

Best Stay Interview Questions

Is there any feedback you have in mind that you would you like to known about than the current ones?

Do you feel the need of opportunities for self-improvement that you do not see in your current work profile?

Is there any kind of flexibility that will come handy to help you balance your work and personal life?

What talents, interests or skills do you have that we haven’t made the most of?

What are the different feel good experiences you have gathered in this job?

What would be the one thing you would like to change about your job, team or company?

What is it the turns you on about this company?

What are you passionate about and tell us about your dream job?

If you won the lottery and didn’t have to work, what would you miss?

What you do not like about your job?

Benefits of Stay Interview

Stay interviews help employees understand their worth and standing in the company. Below are a few of the benefits yield:

  • Employers get a chance to recognize and appreciate their loyalty.
  • It makes employees understand the fact that you care about more than just their performance.
  • It makes them aware of the fact that you are okay with making changes to keep the employee.
  • It will be a small budgeted change to reaffirm your employees’ commitment and engagement.
  • It is a way to support your favorite employee and get back the worth upon the investment you have made.