Some Usefull PF Forms

I have Attached Some Usefull PF Forms

Provident Fund (Some Usefull Forms)
S.No. Form No. Description Click
1 Coverage Proforma Form for Registraion under EPF

2 Business Number Application to allot Business Number

3 Form 2 – A (Revised) Employee Declaration & Nomination Form

4 Combined Challan Challan of Monthly Contribution

5 Form – 12 A (Revised) Statement of Monthly Contribution for Un-Exempted Establishment

6 Form – 5 Return of Employees Qualifying for Membership of PF

7 Form – 10 Return of Employees Qualifying for Membership of PF

8 Form 3 – A (Revised) Individual Employee Contribution Card for Un-Exempted Establishments

9 Form 6 – A Consolidated Annual Contribution Statement

10 DBF Format DBF Format for submitting yearly contribution in soft media.

11 Form – 10 C To Claim Withdrawl Benefit / Scheme Certificate by  Member of EPS Scheme, 1951

12 Form – 19 To Claim EPF by Adult Member of Employee’s Provident Fund Scheme, 1995

13 From – 5 (if) Claim EDLI Scheme Benefit
14 Form – 11 (Revised) Declaration by Employee taking up Employement, where EPF Scheme is enforce

15 Form – 13 (Revised) Application for Transfer of PF Account

16 Form – 5 A Return of Ownership to be sent to the Regional Commissioner

17 A.R. Change For Submitting details of Ownership / Authorised Representative

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