Sample Sports Offer Letter

Sample of offer letter for trainee in sports quota in word Format.



Mr.Anuj Kothari                                                              14/05/2013

Kaveri Nagar,


Navi Mumbai.



Dear Mr. Anuj,

We take this opportunity to welcome you to (company).

This is in reference to your application form dated (date) and the brilliant interview session that followed on the same day. The management is glad to offer you the employment as a ‘Trainee’ on behalf of (trainee).

You will be posted in the (department) division of our organization based at Mumbai H.Q.

Upon joining you will become a part of our family. Your play program will be divided into four levels as mentioned below:

Level 1: Training:

The first level will last for a minimum of 6 months but is subjected to change depending on your performance. You will have to play this game at our Mumbai H.Q. However, you are allowed to quit playing by forwarding a 24 hours prior notice to the gaming authorities. Also at the same time if the gaming authorities find your performance unsatisfactory they hold every right to disqualify you with a similar notice.

Level 2: Probation:

You will be qualified for probation only after completion of level one. This level will also last for 6 months only to help you maintain the required efficiency and consistency. Your will be gifted with bonus points and money as per the instructions in the gaming Annexure attached to the mail. Furthermore, your online gaming expenses will be reimbursed under the maximum limit specified in Annexure __________ enclosed.

Level 3: Confirmation:

Your satisfactory performance and score earned in level 2 will qualify you for the third level.

Level 4: Achieving Work Objectives:

Similarly other progressive levels are strictly dependent on the basis of your performance in level 4.  Continuous and   timely efforts are highly expected of you to qualify for this level.

However, you require becoming a registered member with us if you want to be a part of the game. You will need to complete the following formalities with your ***/***:

  • 2 sets of P.F Nomination Form
  • Filled ESIC Declaration Form with joint postcard size photographs with your family.
  • Xerox copy of PAN Card. In case you do not have one, you may submit your duly filled PAN Application Form.

Your appointment letter will be processed post completion of these formalities. The same will act as entry pass for the game.

We expect you to join in the game at the earliest and send us your confirmation on or before 25th May, 2013. No further application will be accepted post the mentioned date unless we unleash a new date in writing.

Kindly return the enclosed copy duly signed as your acceptance of the game and the rules stated.

We believe that your knowledge, skills and experience well prove fruitful for our game. We will further make sure that our support for your professional development and growth will reflect in your Game Score.

Yours faithfully

For Anosmatic Pvt LTD




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