Resigning Letter

I have attached the letter format of resigning an employee from the company.                           Resigning Letter



Sub: Resignation of _________ (personnel) from BDEL


___________ (NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE) was appointed on ______ (DATE OF APPOINTMENT) in the capacity of _________ (DESIGNATION) and promoted as ___________ (DESIGNATION) on _______ (DATE OF PROMOTION) in BD emerald India Limited. We are in receipt of his resignation letter dated _______ whereby he has requested to be relieved from Company duties and other formalities by ________ (RELEIVING DATE) by issuing him relieving letter and experience certificates.


As per clause 5, paragraph 2 of the appointment letter one month’s prior notice is required. However, in view of his contribution, sincerity and dedication to the organization, we may if approved, accede to his request for waiving 10 days notice period.


We may, if approved, handover the current responsibility and profile of _________ (NAME OF THE RESIGNING EMPLOYEE) to ____________ (NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE WHO IS TAKING OVER).





Submitted please,



Manager HR & Admin



For approval COO pl.

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