Pre Employment Verification Process in India

Pre Employment Verification Process in India

Indian organizations are also starting to take job verification quite seriously. Various people search services have come up in the country that enables companies to save time and effort. These services are known to have democratized the background verification process only for easier reach of individuals.  Employee verification promotes transparency in society with the aim of finding crystal clear information about an individual hired by a company.

Employee background verification process is conducted in various stages. Here is a small gist:

  • Address, ID checks
  • Educational verifications
  • Work experience verifications
  • Reference verifications
  • Criminal background check

Different Employee verification procedure

Employee verification procedure goes through various processes. A few of them are mentioned below:

1. Verification of professional/experience details like past all working details industry/wise.

2. Professional/experience details such as previous working details, the company, job responsibilities etc.

3. Cross checking of the new employee’s joining form and resume if they match each other. Verification of original the documentary proofs forwarded by the employee.

4. At least two references to be mentioned in the joining form/resume. The references can be old working colleague, any family member who can be reverted for authenticity.

5. For employees recruited for datacenter services, background check is conducted because he/she will be exposed to public sensitive information during his/her tenure.

6. For employees recruited for back-office work, not much verification will be required.

7. For employers who focus on education background, they normally contact the university office for verification of the details mentioned by the employee.

Different offices have different work environment and work culture. And therefore, the recruitment processes also differ from one another.  Employees who are looking for serious jobs most certainly do not lie with their documents. However, exceptions are many. Employee verification process saves your day.