How to Deal With Favoritism at Work

Favoritism is seen in most offices, big or small. We all face the favoritism at workplace at one time or another in our career. But we don’t know how to deal with such situation.

What happens when you see someone at work getting special treatment over and above the rest of you? What happens you work so hard on a given assignment and all credits goes to your manager’s favorite employee?

If this is happening with you at your workplace, it is important that you deal with it as early as possible or before it starts demoralizing you or have negative effects your productivity.

If you find that you are not being treated fairly in the workplace, it is advised to contact the corporate office and report the situation which leads you to believe that favoritism exists.

Below here we are mentioning few points which can help you to deal with the Favoritism at Work:

  • Find out are you really facing favoritism: Analyze the situation in which you have felt the particular person have been favored. Compare your performance with the one who is favored to make sure you are not pointlessly feeling as overlooked employee. If the performance of the person being favored is better than you do, then it is the right time to perform equal or better than the one you feel are being favored.
  • Don’t gossip about the situation: If you feel like a victim, don’t gossips about the situation with colleagues at workplace as it will not going to solve your problem in anyway. All it do is it make tour situation more tense and negative for you.
  • Keep a positive attitude: Don’t allow favoritism to effects you professionally. Be professional and concentrate on your work to do it in better way. It may seem difficult but try to be keep your attitude positive as it help you deal the situation easily.
  • Talk to your boss: If you still feel the same then it’s time to have a one-o-one with your boss. Express yourself and discuss the problem you are facing instead of sulking about it. Give concrete examples of the situations where you felt that your performance have been overlooked and the favored employee was given special treatment over everyone else. Keep the conversation a positive one then only you will be able find a solution for your situation.
  • Approach HR: After you tried all these and still the situation doesn’t change and the problem of favoritism still exists then it’s a time to get involved your HR team to find what other options are available to deal with the situation.