Performance Improvement Plan Example

I have attached Model format for Performance Improvement Plan in worksheet format.

Name :____________________________________________ Project :________________________________________
Designation :  ______________________________________ Reporting Manager: _____________________________
                                             PIP Duration : ________________________________________________
Rating Description
0 Not Exhibited
1 Meets requirements with assistance
2 Satisfactory
3 Effective
4 Good
5 Outstanding
Sl # Task To Be Completed Weightage Progress Report Average
Week I Week II Week III Week IV
Performance Rating Performance Rating Performance Rating Performance Rating
1 Task A #DIV/0!
2 Task B #DIV/0!
3 Task C #DIV/0!
4 Task D #DIV/0!
5 Task E #DIV/0!
6 Task E #DIV/0!
Superior Review of His/Her Performance:
NOTE : Please attach the data for each week’s progress in the sheets attached.


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