Format of Transfer Letter

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<Insert date>


Transfer Letter


Dear <Insert name>,


We are pleased to let you know that with effect from <Insert date>, you are being transferred to our <Insert location> office as <Insert designation>.


On joining the <Insert location>office, please report to the<Insert designation>, Human Resources – <Insert name>, who will take you through the policies and procedures applicable to you on the virtue of your being an employee of <Insert company’s name>.


Whilst you are in <Insert location>, the following facilities / expenses will be borne by the company:


  1. Compensation shall be fixed on the basis of cost of living, accommodation and  cost of any essential amenities and expenses of the <Insert location>city
  2. One time Assistance in logistical transfer of the household goods as per company’s policy
  3. 100% of the one-time school enrollment fees (which forms a part of the admission process paid for securing the admission for maximum 2 children but does not refer to annual school fees).
  4. One time economy class air-fare for you and your immediate family (spouse, children).
  5. Settling allowance as per company’s policy
  6. Two months salary will be paid in advance to the initial cost of relocation. The same will be recovered over a period of 6 months from the employee.
  7. Company will assist in paying the deposit for renting accommodation. Depending on the amount of deposit, the same shall be recovered from you, over a period of time in installments not exceeding over 2 years.
  8. On moving to <Insert location>, the company will bear the hotel accommodation costs for a maximum period of 15 days. During this time you should make the necessary arrangement of your local accommodation.


All the other terms and conditions mentioned in your appointment letter will remain same. Any changes to the above shall be informed to you in writing. Please contact the HR Department in case of any queries.


For <Insert company’s name>




<Insert name>

Manager, Human Resources

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