Factory Act Return

I have Attached Factory Act Return

FORM No. 22

[Prescribed under sub-rule (3) of Rule 137]



Period ending 30th June 2010


1.           Name of Factory.

2.            Name of Occupier

3.            Name of Manager



I.   District                    

II. Postal Address            

III. Nature of industry      

IV. Average No. of workers employed daily


(a) Male

(b) Female                       


4.            Adolescent

(a) Male                  NIL

(b) Female               NIL

5.    Children

(a) Male                  NIL

(b) Female               NIL


6.    Number of days worked during the half year ending 30th June, 2010-        




Signature of Occupier                             Signature of Manager


Date of Dispatch                                      Date of Dispatch



The average daily number should be calculated by dividing the aggregate number of attendance on working days of the number of working days during the half year. In recognizing attendance by temporary as well as permanent employees should be counted and all employees should be included whether they are employed directly or under contractor. Attendance on separate shift (e.g. night and days shift) should be counted separately. Days in which the Factory was closed for whatever cause and days on which the manufacturing process were not carrier in should be treated as working days.

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