Maternity leave policy

Maternity leave policy

1. General policy

Female employees with at least 12 months of continuous service are entitled to maternity leave.

Maternity leave is unpaid leave which is available for a minimum period of six weeks and for a maximum period of 52 weeks if the employee is the primary career. Other types of leave can be taken in conjunction with maternity leave providing the total period of absence does not exceed 52 weeks.

Any employee taking maternity leave is required to take at least six weeks continuous leave after the date of the birth of her child. The employer may, with 14 days notice, require the employee to commence maternity leave within six weeks of the presumed confinement date.

2. Procedure of this policy

Applications for maternity leave should include personal details, a medical certificate detailing the expected date of confinement or birth, proposed commencement date and duration of leave. Advice as to whether superannuation payments will continue should be given by the employee.

Where the pregnancy is terminated other than by birth of a living child and the employee has not commenced maternity leave, her entitlement to such leave ceases to exist. However, an employee may be entitled to special maternity leave, as specified by her doctor, if the pregnancy has extended beyond 28 weeks, and is terminated other than by birth of a living child.

Details of return to work date must be given four weeks in advance. The employee is entitled to return to the position held prior to taking maternity leave or to an alternative position of comparable status and pay.

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