Adoption leave policy

Sample adoption leave policy

1. General adoption leave policy

An employee seeking to adopt a child may take up to two days of unpaid pre-adoption leave to attend any interviews or examinations required to obtain approval for the adoption.

Employees adopting a child under the age of five years are entitled to take up to 52 weeks of unpaid adoption leave (shared between both parents).

The provisions apply to both married couples and single people who adopt and applies to placements for children up to 18 years old.

In the case of a married couple, only one of them will be entitled to take the leave. However, the other will be entitled to the two weeks paternity leave (if they qualify).

This leave is only available when the adopted child has not previously lived continuously with either parent for at least six months and is not a child or step child of either parent.

Parents may take up to three weeks unpaid leave simultaneously when an adopted child is placed with them.

Other types of leave can be taken in conjunction with adoption leave providing the total period of absence does not exceed 52 weeks.

2. Conditions of adoption leave

The employee must have completed a qualifying period of employment. This is at least 26 weeks by the week in which the approved match with the child is made.

They must comply with notification requirements and have average weekly earnings equal to or above the lower earnings limit applying to National Insurance Contributions.

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