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Conference Attendance Verification Letter Format, Sample

Conference Attendance Verification Letters are very important as they confirm the presence of all those who will be present at the conference so that the arrangements at the conference can be made accordingly. The attendance confirmation letter is simple and must be written in order to confirm the attendance at the conference.

This post includes the Confirmation Letter to Attend Seminar, Event, Conference. You can use the confirmation letter sample for creating a personalized letter for writing your letter for the same.

Conference Attendance Verification Letter Sample Format


Anthony Smith


Zenith Technologies


Date: April 16th, 2022


Mr. Mathew Gibbs


Techie Events

New York

Dear Mr. Mathew,

I am very pleased to receive the invitation for the Technology Gala Event that your firm is organizing on May 1st, 2022 and May 2nd, 2022. I am writing this letter to confirm my attendance for the event.

The invitation letter for the conference also invites me to deliver a small speech on the Current Techie Markets on any of the days. I would like to confirm that I will be able to deliver a speech of around 30 minutes on the subject followed by an open Q&A round. I would like to request you to schedule this session on May 2rd, 2022 in the second half of the event, if possible.

It has always been a pleasure to attend the events organized by your company as they help the experts from different parts of the countries to come under one roof and discuss the amazing opportunities that the world of technology has to offer for businesses to grow and prosper. I am looking forward to attend this event and I am very hopeful that just like various other events, this event is going to be a great success.

Please confirm my attendance for both the dates.

Thanking in anticipation.


Anthony Smith


Zenith Technologies

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How to Write a Letter for Verification of Employment with Sample

Letter for employment is very necessary as it proves the authenticity that the person was employed with a certain company for a defined period of time on a defined position. This provides complete information of the candidate concerning his previous job and his working. It is a professional way of resolving any kinds of queries that the new hiring manager has about that candidate.

If you have kinds of doubts related with how to draft a professional letter for verification of employment then read below to find out the steps that you must follow to write a perfect letter.

Steps to Write a Letter for Verification of Employment

Keep these points in mind while drafting your personalized letter:

  • Always start with “To Whom it May Concern”. This is the right way of beginning your letter in a formal manner.
  • Keep it short and simple. Do not put any kind of unrelated and unimportant information on it. It has to be crisp.
  • Include all important details like the name of the employee, his title, his salary, hours per week or part or full time format of working, date since he has been working with the company. You must not miss on any of these details or else your letter will be incomplete.
  • Always end it on a pleasant note welcoming any kinds of queries regarding the candidate. Do not forget to leave your contact details so that the person can get in direct touch with you.
  • Keep the tone professional and pleasant.

Sample Format of Letter for Verification of Employment

Here is a simple formal example format of a employee verification letter for your reference. Have a look at it to design your own:

Date: 26.12.14

Anthony Gibbs

Human Resource Manager,

Hilton Furniture Inc.,

124 Park Street,

New York

Re: Verification of Employment for Susane Smith

To Whom it May Concern,

Please accept this letter as confirmation that Ms. Susane Smith has been employed with Zee Technologies Pvt. Ltd. since 01/03/2010. At present, Ms. Susane Smith:

• Holds the title of Deputy Marketing Manager

• Earns a salary of $60000, payable monthly, with an annual bonus of $ 2500

• Works on a full time basis.

In case you have any further questions or queries or you require any other additional information, please feel free to call me at 92-234-56789.

Best regards,

George Jackman

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Verification of Employment Without Reference

Dear xxxx

In response to your request for verification of employment for [name of applicant]    , our records indicate that (s) he worked for us from     [date]     to     [date]. The position that     [name of applicant]     held with our firm was     [position].

This is all of the information I am able to provide to you inasmuch as it is against our company policy to offer comments in regard to a previous employee’s quality of work during employment with our firm.

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Job Applicant Education Verification Cover Letter


Robin William Is Being Considered For Employment and Has Signed The Attached Statement Authorizing Your School To Release The Information Requested Below. The Form and Return It to Us in the Enclosed Envelope.

We Sincerely Appreciate Your Cooperation.

Click Here To Download Job Applicant Education Verification Cover Letter

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Employer’s Verification on Loan Applicant


TO:                      Applicant_____________________



Loan No.______________________

Escrow No.____________________



I have applied for a real estate loan to be made by Chambers Savings and Loan Association.

I shall appreciate your completing the Employer’s Verification below for their confidential use and

Forwarding it to: –

Chambers Savings and Loan Association

1304 74th Circle N.E.

St. Petersburg, Florida 33702

Thank you for your consideration and prompt reply, as it will avoid many delays.


Very truly yours,








1. Entered your employ:________________________________


2. Present Position:____________________________________


3. Present Monthly Salary:    Gross Monthly Salary:_____


Bonus or Commission:______

How paid:_________________

4. If Applicant is in Military Service please report income on a monthly basis as follows:


Base Pay_________         Quarters and Subsistence___ Flight or Hazard Allowance____________


5. Probability of Continued Employment__________________


6. Does Employee have Re-employment rights for:


Sick Leave?______      Maternity Leave?_________


7. Other Remarks:_______________________________________


The above is furnished in strictest confident to your request.


Date________________             Employer_______________

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Warning Letter for not submitting documents for Employee Verification

Format of Warning Letter issued to an employee failing to submit documents needed for employee verification.

Click Here To Download Warning Letter

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Employment Background Verification / Screening form

Attach herewith Employee background screening form or employee background verification form.

Click Here To Download Employment Background Verification / Screening form

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