Common Interview Questions

It include 60 most common job interview questions as follows:

1. Common general questions

• Tell me a little about yourself.
• Why should I hire you?
• How do you define success?
• Where would you like to be in five years? Ten years?
• Describe your personality.
• What past accomplishments have given you satisfaction? Why?
• What made you choose to apply to this position?
• Why do you want to leave your current position?

2. Common last job questions

• Why did you leave your last job?
• Tell me about your last position and what you did?
• If you don’t leave your current job, what will happen there? How far can you advance?
• What did/do you enjoy most/least about your last/p resent job?

3. Common new job questions

• What are you looking for in a job?
• What kind of people do you like to work with?
• What type of work environment do you prefer?
• Do you have any questions for me?
• What do you know about this position?
• What do you know about this company?
• Explain why you are qualified for this job.
• Are you looking for a permanent or temporary job? Why?

4. Common experience questions

• How would you define a great work environment?
• Have you ever worked for a difficult person?
• Have you mostly worked alone or in groups?
• How many projects can you handle at one time?
• What was your workload in your current/last position?
• What are some things you find difficult to do on the job? Why?

5. Common education questions

• What tertiary qualifications have you attained?
• What if (if any) self improvement courses have you attended?
• What certificates have you attained?
• What is the most recent skill you have learned?
• What have you learned from your past jobs?

6. Common competencies questions

• What are your strengths?
• What is your weakness?

7. Common behavioral questions

• How do you work with new people?
• We have a problem with “______”. How would you handle this problem?
• Are you a persistent person? Give me an example of this, if so.
• Where do you stand with your former employer?
• Explain a difficult situation in which you were involved and how you handled it.

8. Common stressful questions

• How long have you been looking for a new job? Why?
• How long would you stay with us?
• Have you ever had problems getting along with others?
• What can I tell you about my organization?
• What can you bring to the table that someone else could not?
• What outside interests do you pursue?
• Do you have any reservations about the job of the company?

9. Common goal setting questions

• What (exactly) do you want to achieve?
• Who needs to be involved in this goal process in order to accomplish it successfully?
• Why invest time and energy into this goal?
• Why would this goal relate to purpose, vision, or organizational values?
• Who possesses the skills and talent necessary to meet the goal or do we need to train?

10. Common management skills questions

• How do you handle a subordinate whose work is not up to expectations?
• How do you coach a subordinate to develop a new skill?
• What have you done to develop the skills of your staff?
• When do you give positive feedback to people? Tell me about the last time you did?
• Give an example of how you handle the need for constructive criticism with a subordinate or peer?

11. Common conflict resolution questions

• What Is conflict resolution?
• Tell me about a situation when you were given job instructions and you were unable to comprehend the instructions. How did you go about completing the task?
• What types of disputes can be addressed through conflict resolution?

12. Wage negotiation

• What kind of salary do you need?

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