Must Have Important Skills for a Sales Representative Candidate

Sales Representative Candidate

Sales representative is one profile in which a candidate is given a set target for the month to provide customer services to different kinds of customers. This job requires you to interact with customers and motivate them to make purchase. It can be an interaction with a customer you already know or with a potential prospect with whom you have never interacted in past. Sometimes you are even required to make a cold call. During all this process, you will come across different kinds of personalities, some of which will be warm, some of which will be resistant in talking to you and some will need a little extra efforts to get convinced.

If you are planning to apply for a post of Sales Representative, then you must have all the essential skills that can really help you deliver amazing performance. This article talks about the important skills which you must possess if you are applying for the post of sales representative. These skills will take your performance to a higher level all together.

  • Planning Skills: To be able to chalk out a good plan by organizing different aspects of working, by managing meetings with different prospects etc. You need to be a good planner as you need to have good skills to plan and manage for smooth functioning on daily basis and also for long term.
  • Skills to stay aware: You must also stay informed about the current happenings in the market. It is essential that you are aware about the competition, market trends and various other things that can affect your working. You should also be informed about the literature of the competitors and what they are offering to the customers.
  • Foresightedness: To be able to predict the market trends in future and stay abreast with the modern trends in the market.
  • Reporting skills: To be able to create detailed reports which consist of all important points. You should also be able to summarize on daily basis along with concluding performance on monthly and yearly basis.
  • Investigational skills: To be able to deal with all kinds of customer complaints and resolve them at the earliest by taking into account all the essential points.
  • Participative skills: To be able to participate regularly in different educational workshops, attend networking events and stay abreast with all the latest market news and changes by participating in all sorts of events and sessions.
  • Recordkeeping skills: To be able to record data in an organized manner and being able to produce it as and when required by quickly tracking it.
  • Team worker: To be able to work in team by having healthy and productive interactive sessions which can increase productivity.
  • Communication skills: To be able to interact in the most appropriate way with the customers and prospects and to be able to convince them in a smart way.
  • Customer Relationship building skills: To be able to form relations with new customers and to be able to nurture and nourish the old ones.
  • Knowledge about products and services: To have command over all the information concerning different products and services that are offered by the company. Not only this, he should also be well aware of the products and services offered by other companies.
  • Goal oriented: To be able to work with the target in mind to ensure that all goals are met within the defined time.
  • Territory management skills: To be able to manage the defined territory. To be able to travel with ease and proper planning as and when required.
  • Confidence: In order to conduct himself with pride and smartness which is important to impress the prospect and convert him into a customer.
  • Negotiation skills: To be able to negotiate smartly by convincing the customer and striking the deal this is mutually beneficial. To be able to convince customers to try new products and services.
  • An eye for detail: Should be able to observe and explain everything in detail, keeping in mind all the minute details.
  • Training skills: To be able to train his co-workers or teammates from time to time in order to enhance their performance.
  • Presentation skills: To be able to present his ideas and projects using the technology in the most interactive and interesting presentations.

All these skills are very much essential for every sales representative to possess otherwise he will not be able to deliver a good performance and meet his targets. So if you are applying for this profile, make sure that you have some of these skills or you are a hiring manager then make sure that the candidates that you have shortlisted possess these skills.