Guidelines on Writing an Email to Reject Job Based on Pay

Whenever you are taking up a new job, there are many things you consider out of which salary is one such important thing. It may not top your list of priority but it is surely one of the points that you must consider before accepting the offer. In case you are not satisfied with the offer, you can always reject it by writing a formal email or letter to the company stating the low pay.

This post talks about the guidelines that you must follow while framing a professional email to the company. Keep these points in mind to avoid committing any mistake.

Complete Analysis of Offer

Make sure that you thoroughly analyze the offer before taking a final decision on it and writing an email. It is always good to write the advantages and disadvantages to weight how beneficial the offer is for you. Never take a decision in hurry rather take enough time to make sure that you are making the best choice. Here are some factors that you must consider other than just the salary:

  • Health insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Stock options
  • Location
  • Working Hours etc.

All of these benefits offered by the company compensate for the low pay. Even if the pay is below your expectations but you are getting wonderful benefits other than the salary then you must not reject the offer.

1st Paragraph of Letter or Email

The first paragraph of the letter should have a straightforward and clean starting. When you are rejecting the offer then make sure that the email starts formally by thanking the company for the offer. You have to keep it precise and also polite. Share your intention and also mention the reasons because of which you have been compelled to decline the offer. Make sure that the reasons you mention are genuine and reasonable. You must effectively express gratitude towards the company for selecting you for the job. Keep your letter specific without including any unnecessary information.

Offer for Negotiation

You can always mention that you are open for negotiation and if the manager is keen on hiring you then he will surely get in touch with you. If you have decided to negotiate then make sure that you have a desired salary clear in your mind which is a reasonable amount based on your qualifications and experience. If you wish then you can mention that in the letter.

Concluding Paragraph

As stated above, such letters are short and specific because of which the second paragraph is the final paragraph. You must end this email by thanking the hiring manager for meeting you and giving you such a wonderful offer to join the company. You can also add a few lines wishing them good luck for future ventures. Make sure that you end the email with a line which keeps the lines of communication open for you and also prompts the manager to get in touch with you in future.

These are the few guidelines which are very important to keep in mind while writing an email rejecting the offer because of low salary. Including these points in your email can help you frame a professional letter without any flaws.