Branch Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Branch Manager Interviews are tough interviews as the candidates who appear for this interview are experienced and have lot of knowledge of the corporate world. However, preparation is necessary before appearing for branch manager interview. Given below are some most frequently asked questions in a branch manager interview along with their answers. It is also important to be prepared with unexpected and new questions from the interviewer during the interview. Whatever be the question, give your answers with confidence.

1 Q: What attracted you to this company?

A: Give an impressive answer to this question. Your preparation and research about the company is important here. You have to mention few reasons for this question. Say in particular what attracts you to this job and the organization.

2 Q: What kind of contribution can you make to this company?

A: You can describe how you think you can prove to be an asset to the company. You can assure that whatever step you take will be towards the growth of the organization. You can relate your application of skills and knowledge for the benefit of the organization.

3 Q:. What were your responsibilities in your last position?

A: While describing about your last position, it is important that you relate to the current job you have applied for. By doing so, you can prove that you have the required qualification to succeed in your role. You need not say line by line as written in your resume. The interviewer already has read your resume so you have to give specific details of your last position.

4 Q: Describe how you worked effectively under pressure?

A: You can respond to this question by saying that you believe in prioritizing your work. Also some kind of pressure is important as it helps in doing work more efficiently. Also, take this question in a positive sense and respond positively giving a good impression of your capabilities.

5 Q:. Tell me about your difficult experience in your work related to your last position.

A: Describe one experience which you found challenging. Use the word challenging instead of difficult. Say about the remedies you took to solve the challenge. The interviewer wants to see whether you will be able to handle difficulties that are associated with the position of a branch manager.

6 Q:. Describe your management style.

A: A specific management style is not suitable for any organization. Manager should be able to adapt to different styles according to the situation and the changing work environment. Interviewers also look for candidates who can adapt their skills to different situations.

7 Q:. How do you delegate tasks?

A: You should have a proper way of delegation of tasks to employees. Describe your way of delegation that you used to do in your previous job. It is important to follow up with the work of employees to check on their status.

8 Q:. What is your biggest weakness?

A: Here you need not mention any personal weakness. The interviewer wants to know about your management weakness. You can say that during work load, you fail to appreciate the good work done by employees. You should always avoid saying something which is totally against you.

9 Q:. How do you motivate your staff?

A: This is a common question while appearing for branch manager interview. Appreciating and acknowledging the good work done by staff is a great way of motivating them. Motivation is necessary so as to achieve goals of the organization. If employees are motivated, they will work efficiently and also they will have high morale.

10 Q: How will you measure your success as a Branch Manager?

A: Give an answer which is realistic and can be measurable. As a branch manager, your success depends on how you keep yourself and your employees motivated to achieve the company’s goals, meeting deadlines early and looking at the statistics of the company’s growth.

11 Q:. Why should we hire you?

A: Be positive and confident in answering this question. You can say in your answer that the job description matches with the skills and abilities and that you will have success in this role. Point out some of your strengths which you have shown in your previous job. Also mention what you can offer to the company in addition to the basic job requirements.

12 Q: If one of your employees is working inefficiently, what will you do?

A: Communication plays a key role in such a situation. It becomes the responsibility of the branch manager if one of his employees is unable to work efficiently. Discussing the problems with the employee and finding out a solution is important. The branch manager needs to motivate the under performing employee.

13 Q: What do you like and dislike about the managerial role?

A: Say honestly what you like about the managerial role and what you dislike. While mentioning about your dislike you should not say entirely negative. Make the dislike sound as positive. Else the interviewers might think that you dislike this position of branch manager.