Admin Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Administrative Position Interview Questions and Answers

Whether you are a fresher or experienced, some preparation is required before appearing for an interview. Sometimes even easy questions cannot be answered because of lack of preparation. Organize yourself for the interview with the following admin executive interview questions and answers.

Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: This is one of the basic questions that are asked for an entry level job like Admin Executive. Give a brief introduction of yourself describing about your important qualifications and experience if any. The answer should not be lengthy and should be to the point.

Q: What made you choose to apply to Administrative Executive?

A: Answer this question to the point mentioning your studies which you have done is in the same area if you are a fresher. In case you are experienced, you can say the position is similar is similar to the one where you have already worked. If this job is not similar to what you already have experience in, then find some similar skills that are required for both jobs.

Q: What are the key responsibilities for Admin Executive?

A: There are different responsibilities for admin executive in different organizations. It is better to read the job description properly so as to give a confident answer. Highlight the essential responsibilities to be undertaken for this position.

Q: What are the essential skills needed for Admin Executive?

A: Leadership skills, planning and problem solving skills are the most essential skills needed for Admin Executive. However, in today’s world, computer skills are also of utmost importance. An Admin Executive should also be able to manage time and should possess good interpersonal skills.

Q: How are your organizational skills?

A: Describe how self organized you are and how you manage your time which is also an organizational skill. Mention how good you are at prioritizing tasks according to order of importance and significance of the work. Give examples as to how you keep your things in order in order to be able to access quickly.

Q: Do you have the ability to multi task?

A:This is an important skill required for admin executive. The main objective of the interviewer is to find out whether you really know what multi tasking means. Give example about how you are able to multi task to make it clear to the interviewer that you are aware about the meaning of multitasking.

Q: How strong are your communication skills?

A: You should describe how well you communicate with people during the day. Mention some traits such as good listener, interactive in discussions, convincing ability etc. You should be honest in this answer. If you an introvert you should not say that you like interacting with people because the interviewer will be able to judge you.

Q: What have been your most significant achievements?

A: The achievement need not be work related achievement. However you should prepare answers for both personal achievement as well as work related achievement. Its better to say about your recent achievement which you have already mentioned in your CV. Describe how you achieved and what impact it had on your career or life.

Q: Why do you think you are suitable for this job?

A: The main objective of the interviewer is to find out your self confidence. Mention all the skills that you have that will enable you to take up the role of admin executive. Provide a convincing answer that shows you are not only qualified for the job but also confident to face the challenges that the job offers.

Q: How good are your computer skills?

A: You should mention all the knowledge and training you have acquired in computers. Highlight the programs in which you are skilled. Also, make sure to show your interest in learning new skills and updating yourself with the new programs.

Q: How will you organize a meeting? What actions you will take?

A: Developing an agenda is important as well as communicating the meeting time and place so that everyone attends. Also, necessary arrangements have to be made for the meeting to be conducted smoothly.

Q: How will you handle confidential information?

A: You can say that you know and respect the sensitivity of the information which is entrusted upon you and hence will always keep confidentiality of information.

Q: Did you visit our company’s website?

A: You should answer this question honestly. It’s better to say no if you did not because you can be asked about the company. If you know, highlight about the company’s details.