Roles and Responsiblity of HR Dept

 I have Attached Roles and Responsiblity of HR Dept

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Designation                         :           HR Manager
  • Department                                    :           Human Resources
  • Core Responsibilities                      :           HR related
  • Reporting To                                   :






  • Collecting the requirements from each department regarding their HR requirement and updating them with the manpower status report at regular scheduled intervals.
  • Screening and short-listing resumes and forwarding the same to the concerned department/departments followed by scheduling interviews for the prospective candidates as per the convenience of the Management.
  • Once the selection process is over, segregating the resumes and filing them in the respective folders if they are under hold or not considered.


Offer Letter


  • Preparation of Offer Letters depending on the CTC agreed to by the management and the prospective employee.
  • The Offer Letter to be given to the selected candidate and a mail sent to the ED (Executive Directors) for his reference.
  • Once the candidate confirms his joining, an Appointment Letter shall be issued which is duly signed by the HR Department. A copy is sent to the ED (Executive Directors) for his reference.


Orientation for New Employees


  • The newly-joined employee shall be given orientation training regarding the company and the departments, and the employee will be accompanied by an HR Team member for a formal introduction to all the departments.


Salary Statements


  • Collecting the Attendance Sheets
  • Preparing a consolidation of working hours
  • Collecting applicable deductions of employees from the Accounts Department
  • Collecting mobile deductions from the Accounts Department
  • Preparing Salary Statements
  • Submit the Salary Statements to the Accounts Department for payment in cash or through bank.

ID Cards/Bank Application/Visiting Cards


  • Collecting three photographs from the newly-joined employee; one for the ID card/ Two for Bank Application/Two photo for his/her personal file.
  • After getting the ID card, the bank application with a copy of ID card will be submitted to the Accounts Department for opening Bank Accounts.


Monitoring Attendance


  • Attendance of the employees will be taken from the Access Machine and monitored on a twice-a-week basis. Late arrivals monitoring and inform the ED (Executive Directors) for follow-up action to be taken in some cases, if any.
  • Overtime monitoring and taking necessary approval from the department head.
  • Monitoring the Staff Movement register




  • Monitoring the Security Guards
  • Maintaining the attendance and issues dealing with the security outsourcing company.
  • Maintaining visitors’ access cards at Security.


Manpower Update


  • Maintain and update the manpower requirement of the Customer Service Agents team and other related departments and send the necessary update schedules on a weekly basis to the concerned heads.


Pantry /Housekeeping Materials Control


  • Maintain and monitor coffee/tea refreshments and ordering the requirements of pantry and housekeeping material as and when required.
  • Addressing and attending to complaints regarding office equipments including A/C maintenance etc.


Asset Logging


  • Maintain & monitor the resources and assets and of the company and logging the same as well as maintaining a register.
  • Issuing the resources/assets when a new employee joins the company
  • Recovering the resources/assets when employees are leaving the company


Scheduling Office Boys


Preparing the office boys’ schedule and sort out the problems in Housekeeping

  • Monitoring the daily schedule for office boys




Employees Database


  • Prepare individual database for the employees
  • Prepare individual files for all the employees at Sholapur/Pune locations
  • Update all individual files as and when required
  • Coding the employees as per their entity and department-wise.


Filing System


  • Individual filing index for all the departments
  • Maintenance of files for all the external correspondence
  • Maintenance of files for all inter-office memorandums


Internal Memoranda


  • Preparing and maintaining internal memoranda as and when required by the Management.




  • Internal correspondence between the Head Office (Sholapur) / Pune Office
  • Coordinating with outsourcing companies for security and housekeeping
  • Coordinating with manpower consultants
  • Issuing Experience Certificates and Relieving Letters




  • Preparing Performance Appraisal reports for probationary employees
  • Preparing and collecting self-appraisal forms and updating the Management through department heads.
  • Filing the appraisal forms in respective files for annual increments.




  • Preparing annual increment updates and review increment updates as per the Management’s requirement




  • Calculating incentives for eligible departments as per the Management decision and updating the Management in this regard on a quarterly basis.


List of Holidays


  • Preparing the List of Holidays applicable during the year
  • Sending inter-office memoranda during holidays after confirmation from the Management.


Leaves & Permission Monitoring


  • Monitoring the leaves receiving through e-mail or in writing and routing them to the concerned Department Head.
  • Maintaining a register for the leaves received through phone intimation
  • Monitoring & maintaining the Leaves & Permissions Register


Roles & Responsibilities


  • Collecting and Preparing the roles and responsibilities of the employees and updating the management and make necessary amendments as and when required


Internal Transfer


  • Monitoring Internal Transfer of the Customer Service Agent from one process to another process and within the office (Sholapur) as well as to the Pune Office.


Creation of E-mail IDs


  • Coordinate with the System Administrator for creation/deletion of intranet Email IDs of employees.


Stationery Control


  • Collecting the stationery requirement of the employees
  • Order the stationery as per the requirement
  • Maintaining the Stationery Register and update accordingly
  • Keep track of stationery movement


Employee Grievances


  • Addressing and attending to the employee grievances towards effective resolution within a stipulated time as well as discuss with the Management for intervention if necessary.

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