Notes for Interview – Industrial Relations & Human Resource

Please find the attached file on HR/IR interview Questions.Hope these notes will be helpful for freshers or beginners in interview for IR/HR departments.These questions were asked by HR/IR managers of various companies.


What is the difference between PM and HR?


Personnel Management is widely used few years back. The main task of PM was to maintain personal records of the employees of the organization. It was just a job to maintain the records (Database), sometime PM use to take care of the recruitment and joining formalities but never expected beyond that.


Human Resource Management takes care of all the aspect, right from


Strategic planning


Joining formalities



Employee relationship

Handling Employee Grievances



Exit Formalities


Define SHIFT and RELAY.


Where the work of the same kind is carried out by two or more of sets of workers working during different periods of the day each of such sets is called RELAY and each of such periods is called SHIFT.


Define Job?


Job is a collection of task to be performed everyday.


What is Job Analysis?


Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to operations and responsibilities of a specific job.


Job analysis is a systematic exploration of activities within a job. It is a basic technical procedure that is used to define duties and responsibilities and accountabilities of the job.

Each job has certain ability requirements associated with it. Job analysis is a process used to identify these requirements.

Section 9-A of ID Act, 1947 stipulates about?

Building and other Construction Workers Act, 1996


Even if you are building a house for personal use, you will have to pay cess if the cost of building, excluding cost of land is more than Rs. 10 lakh and more than 10 workers are engaged.

What is Notice Period?

When an employee resigns from the organization he has to serve notice period, it means he has to give change of his work to new employee so that the Organisation cannot face any type of problem due to work. It is just for the smooth functioning of company work.

What is Strategic HRM?

The optimum utilization of human resources to achieve the set goals and objectives in the business environment is termed as Strategic HRM.


Arbitration is a means of securing an award on a conflict issue by reference to a third party. It is a process in which a dispute is submitted to an impartial outsider who makes a decision which is usually binding on both the parties.

Arbitration is a judicial process.

The Arbitrator enforces his own point of view on the contending parties.

Arbitration is more judicial in Character than conciliation.

Grievance Redressal Machinery in India

I. Preventive Machinery – 1. Trade Union

 – Joint Consultation

                                                1. Work Committee

                                                2. Joint Management Council

     2. Standing Orders

     3. Grievance Procedure

     4. Code of Discipline

     II. Settlement Machinery 1. Conciliation Machinery

–          Conciliation officer

–          Board of conciliation

–          Court of enquiry

2. Voluntary Arbitration

3. Compulsory Arbitration

– Labour Court

– Industrial Tribunal

– National Tribunal


– Full employment and raising of standard of living.

– Adequate protection for the life and health of the workers.

– The assurance of educational and Vocational opportunity.

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