Joining Letter

I have attached the letter format of Joining the job along with the list of terms and conditions of company.

  Joining Letter

BDEL/HRD/                    / 2007-08                                          ______ DATE








Dear Madam,


Sub: Appointment as ________ (DESIGNATION


It has been decided to appoint you in the post of Manager (at the basic of Rs.______/- p.m. on the following terms and conditions:


1)         Pay: Your starting basic pay will be fixed at Rs. _____/- P.M. in the pay scale of –  Rs.____ – 1000 – _____.


2)         Allowances:

a) House Allowance: Payable at the rate of % of the basic pay.

b) Children Educational Allowance – Rs. /- per month.

c) Meal/Lunch Subsidy – Rs.  Per day (For the number of days present)

d) One gift/ gift voucher (not convertible into cash) per year for value not exceeding Rs. /-.

E) Professional Up gradation Allowance – Rs/- per year.

f) LTC/LFC – Rs. /- per year.

g) Mobile Telephone – Payment of rent and usage for the official calls with a facility for one additional local number of choice which will be paid  by the company on submission of bills in the manner as may be required by the company or Rs./- towards prepaid card facility.


3)    Provident Fund: You will be required to contribute to the Provident Fund in accordance with the Provident Fund Regulations, in force in accordance with the Employees’ Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952.  The rate of your contribution is 12% of the basic pay presently.


4)         Probation and Confirmation: You will be on probation for a period of six months (extendable up to one year at the discretion of the Company) from the date of your appointment.  You will be considered for confirmation in the Company’s service if the Company is satisfied with reference to your overall work/performance and conduct during the period of probation.


During the first month of your probationary period, you shall be liable to be discharged without assigning any reasons at one day’s notice or pay in lieu thereof and thereafter at one month’s notice or pay in lieu thereof from either side.


5)      Posting and Liability for Transfer: Initially you shall report for appointment at Mumbai and thereafter your place of posting would be decided based on the need of the Company.  Your services in the Company are transferable anywhere in India/ abroad and you shall serve the Company and all the conditions of your employment with your employment in the company in its business in such capacity and at such place as you may from time to time be directed.


6)                  You will be governed by the Company’s Rules relating to conduct, discipline and all the conditions of employment etc. that are applicable or may become applicable from time to time to the employees of the Company.


7)                  You should produce sufficient proof of date of birth and educational qualifications (i.e. original mark lists & certificates along with photo copies thereof).


8)                  This appointment is subject to you being medically found fit for the aforesaid appointment by the Company for which you will have to undergo a medical check up as decided by the Company and the decision of the Company on the Name of the Doctor/ Venue and the medical report will be final.  A separate communication is being sent to you by the undersigned.


9)                  Your continuation of appointment will be subject to your furnishing such other information as the Company may require from time to time and subject to your services being acceptable in the light of the information furnished and documents provided from time to time.


10)              If any declaration, statement or information given by you is at any time found to be false or untrue, or if any material information is suppressed, your services are liable to be terminated forthwith without any notice or compensation in lieu thereof.


11)              If after you join the Company’s service, it comes to the notice of the Company that you had prior to joining the Company’s services committed any act of misconduct, your services are liable to be terminated forthwith without any notice or compensation in lieu thereof, or if your services are not so terminated, you shall be liable to disciplinary measures and any penalty that may be imposed by the Management.


12)              No traveling allowance will be paid to you on account of your journey undertaken for joining the services of the company for this appointment.



13)       Be it clearly understood that no benefit of past service or any other similar benefit of any previous employment, in whatever form & manner it may be, shall be available to you in this employment being offered pursuant to this letter.


If the above terms and conditions are acceptable to you, please return the duplicate of this letter duly signed in token of your acknowledgement and having accepted all the terms and conditions mentioned herein.  You are also advised to report for appointment at the Company’s Office address not later than _______ (DATE).


If we do not receive your acceptance on this letter of appointment before ______ (DATE OF JOINING), it will be construed that you are not interested in accepting this offer and the same shall stand automatically withdrawn, without any further reference to you. Similarly, if you do not report for duty by the aforesaid date _____(DATE OF JOINING), it will be construed that you are not interested in accepting this offer and the same shall stand automatically withdrawn, without any further reference to you.


I wish you all the very best and wish all success in your tenure with the company.



Thanking you,


Yours faithfully,



Himani Agarwal


Manager HR

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