Interview Regret Letter Example

How to Write a Rejection Letter (with Sample Letter).

Regret letters are normally sent by companies after the completion of an interview process. Such letters are normally sent out to those applicants whose applications were reviewed but were not qualified for the final interview. It is written with a clear purpose to convey the sorry sense by the recruiting managers.

Here is an example of how to write such letters in a professional tone with the right emotion:

Date: ______________

Name ______________

Address _____________


Dear (Candidate Name),

We thank you for forwarding us your application to seek interview for the position of (job position) at (Organization Name). Our Recruiting Body is done with the initial screening process and has come up with the final list of those who have been selected for the next round. We regret to announce that you have not qualified for our final search. However, we thank you for applying and believe that you will apply for future employment opportunities at (Organization Name).

We thank you for showing your interest in (Organization Name) and wish you all the luck in your future endeavors.



Recruiting Body Chairman

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