Compensation Policy

Please find attached compensation policy.


Compensation Policy

Hours of work


  • As an employee, you are expected to work additional hours as when reasonably necessary for the effective performance of your job or as business demands necessitate and it is purely on the approval of the reporting manager/ managing director.
  • For extra working hour prior information should be given. Before TWO Days, Prior information (Written and Sanctioned by concern HOD) note to be submit to HR & Admin Dept.
  • Employee continuing for more than 10 hours after regular duty hours should take next day leave as compensation.
  • If the person works more than 6 hours than the prescribed 8 hours’ work (Regular Duty) Employee is eligible to take leave in the next 6 Working days. Due to circumstances, Dept. HOD is unable to sanction leave within this period. Management rights are subject to give Conditional Approval to take leave within coming Month Only. If not the leave elapses.
  • Compensation should consider on the base of concern HOD Compliance report only. Respective dept. HOD should submit the Compliance Report within next Working Day. ( e.g.- Extra Hour Utilization and its output )
  • For more than 8 hours dinner allowance will be provided from the company (Limit as Defined).

If necessary the mgmt. will convert the extra hours on the wages.


– It is HR right to cancel C.OFF and convert in wages form.


– Department HOD is responsible to take written approval for the same.

  • If working days go more than the actual working days per month, it would be compensated based on approval of HR and managing director and remuneration would be done end of each month.

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