Appraisal Form Format For an Advertising Agency

I Have Attached Appraisal Form Format For an Advertising Agency


Section A

(Filled by HR)


Employee name   Employee no.  
Department   Designation  
Current CTC   Reporting to  
Appraisal Period April 2010 – March 2011 Date of Appointment  


Additional information as per personal file: –

1)      Personal appreciation/recognition of work




Reward/award given for good work vide letter no./E-mail ___________________dt. _________



Appreciation letter issued for ___________________________________________dt.__________

c.       Warned / reprimanded vide letter no./E-mail:- ____________________________dt.__________

Comments & Explanation Outstanding Above average Average Below average


2)      Punctuality: –

Late arrival ≤


Late arrival


Late arrival


Late arrival >



Verified by (HR)

Section B

(Filled by HOD)


3)      Team Work: –


Always ready to help team members to get work done (Assist juniors) Does help out as a team most of the times Requires reminders to help team members Refuses to help out team members


4)      Quality of work: –


Always present faultless work in first instance. Always follows protocol/work instructions Present faultless work most of the times Sometimes requires redoing work Always need help in his/her work





5)      Job knowledge (awareness, adherence and relevancy)


Excellent knowledge and effective implementation of departmental processes Knows and implements departmental processes sufficiently well Bare minimum knowledge required to do the job No knowledge.  Always required supervision


6)      Sense of responsibility & belongingness


Always finishes assigned work on time and does it efficiently Manages to complete assigned work efficiently most of the times Completes work with constant reminders Does not have the capability to finish any work with responsibility


7)      Intelligence: –


Always handles customers/partners satisfactorily and finds a solution to any problem/complaint Handles customers/ partners well most of the times Gets the job done but needs to follow up with constant reminders Can’t handle any job/customers/ partners


8)      Adaptability to new system/situation: –


Always welcome/ adjust to new changes. Taking on additional roles/jobs Needs time to adjust but bends into new changes Complaint and takes time to adjust Does not adjust and keeps on complaining



9)      Initiative & Creativity


Always initiate for new proposals/ vendors/ clients/ ways for betterment Initiate for new proposals/ vendors/ clients/ ways for betterment Needs assistance for new initiatives Does not initiate for anything



10)   Obedience: –


Always obeys HOD’s instructions and response effectively Obey HOD’s instructions most of the times Usually obeys HOD’s instructions Disobedient most of the times






11)   Mannerism: –


Always soft spoken and courteous to seniors Courteous and soft spoken to seniors most of the times Normally courteous and soft spoken Sometimes rude and loud to seniors


12)   Truthfulness & honesty: –

Always delivers right facts and figures, owns up to mistakes and takes corrective actions Delivers right facts & figures and owns up to mistakes most of the times Tends to hide mistakes and facts sometimes Sometimes dishonest and tell lies also


Section C

(Filled by Employee)


How would you rate your job at Dr. Jain Video on Wheels in each of the areas below?







Very Poor

Having what you need to do your job

Ability to have an to impact

Receiving supervision and feedback

On the job training

Opportunities for personal development

Opportunities for advancement

Teamwork within your department


Very Likely


Not Sure


Very Unlikely
Would you like to refer your friend to

Work with Dr. Jain Video on Wheels


Please rate Dr. Jain Video on Wheels on the following dimensions:







Very Poor

Caring about employees

Attracting high quality employees

Retaining high quality employees

Teamwork across departments

Equal opportunity (Gender)

Providing quality products and services


Discussion points:






Date                                                                                                     Signature of the employee


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