Training KRAs

Training KRAs can include: (can apply for KPIs management)

1. Identify causes of delays in conducting training and reduce it by 3%

2. Take training in the areas of

a)…………. and

b) to upgrade the latest developments in these areas by July’2010.
It may include subject knowledge, communication skills, computer skills,

3. The feedback from participants on Program ABC to be improved from 75% Very Good rating to 85% very good rating.

4. Feedback on Effectiveness of training conducted 3 months ago to be take from superiors of the participants to understand usefulness and improvement areas.

6. Conduct Training of 5 batches of ………… by Jun 2010.

7. Prepare method for calculating cost of training by 10th Dec. Take KRA to reduce this by 7% by the end of next quarter.

5. Develop training module content in the area of ………….. by May 2010.

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