Recruitment Policy

Recruitment and selection policy

1. Purpose of recruitment policy

• Complies with all federal and state laws regarding hiring practices and applicable collective bargaining agreements.

• Ensure that appropriate funding levels are identified and approved for each position.

• Attracts, identifies, and hires the most qualified applicant for the job.

• Ensure that confidentiality is maintained in the recruitment process.

2. Content of recruitment policy

a> Equal Employment Opportunity

The aim of the Recruitment and Selection Policy is to ensure that the company select the most suitable person for the job on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities and that no employee/job applicant is unfairly treated on any grounds including:

• Race,
• Color,
• Nationality,
• Ethnic or national origins,
• Religion,
• Sex,
• Sexuality,
• Actual or perceived Aids/HIV status or perceived association with an HIV positive person,
• Marital status,
• Age,
• Social background,
• Disability.

b> Confidentiality:

• To protect the privacy of candidates and to preserve the integrity of the recruiting process, all search committee members are required to maintain confidentiality throughout and after the conclusion of the recruitment process.

• Confidential information includes matters discovered or discussed during the recruiting process.

• All information relating to the search may only be discussed with other search committee members, Human Services or administrators in the chain of command of the hiring department.

• Employees who violate this requirement for confidentiality will be subject to corrective or disciplinary action.

3. Monitoring and Review of Policy

In order to monitor compliance with and the effectiveness of this policy, a member of the Human Resources department may be invited to or elect to be present at any stage of the recruitment process.

Regular reports on trends and statistics relating to recruitment and appointments will be provided to the HR manager as appropriate.

4. Complaints of recruitment policy

If any employee/job applicant considers that he or she has been unfairly treated in relation to the recruitment and selection policy, he/she can make a complaint which will be dealt with in accordance with the agreed procedures.

This policy is in accordance with the relevant legislation and various codes of practice.

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