Overtime Policy

Overtime policy

1. Definition of overtime

• Overtime is time worked that exceeds the hours of a full-time employee’s regular daily schedule on pay status or exceeds 40 hours on pay status in a workweek.

• Pay status includes time worked and paid leave such as sick leave, military leave, compensatory time off, vacation leave, holidays, and administrative leave with pay.

2. Overtime Rates

When employee work overtime, they will be paid at rate:

• Monday to Friday: 1.5 x hourly rate.
• Saturday, Sunday: 2.0 x hourly rate.
• Holidays: 3.0 x hourly rate.

3. Principles of working overtime

Employees are paid for working overtime provide that they must be in compliance with principles as follows:

• Any overtime working must be agreed in advance with the line manager.

• Overtime will only be paid for periods of more than one hour in any day.

• Advance warning of overtime working will be given wherever practicable, but it is inevitable that some overtime may be required at short notice due to sickness or other emergencies.

• Claims must be made monthly, for overtime worked in the previous month, on authorized claim forms.

• Payments will be made through the payroll.

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