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How to Draft Character Reference Letter for Job

If you have never written a Character Reference Letter for a job before then surely it is a difficult task for you. It is a big responsibility to write this letter but don’t have to get worried as with the right steps, it is quite a sorted process. If you have some basic information handy then you can write a properly framed formal Character Reference Letter for job.

This article rolls out some steps that will make writing this letter a much easier task for you. So before heading to write this letter, read these simple guidelines which can be of great help to you.

1. Talk About Your Background and Relationship With That Person

You must start straight with introducing yourself to the reader. Your name, how are you related to the person for whom you are writing this letter, for how long have you known this person, how did the two of you meet etc. You must include all the information related with the association between you and the person so that the reader has a clear understanding of the relationship.

2. Keep the Format in Mind

As it is a formal letter, so you have to keep in mind the format. In such letters, there have to be three paragraphs. The first one being the introduction which talks about the relationship, the second one in which you will mention the analysis of a person’s character and the last paragraph which is the closing paragraph. Follow this format to keep your letter well formed and informed.

3. Keep it Positive

It is very important that your letter leaves the reader with a positive impressive of the person in question. And to do so, you have to provide your honest assessment which talks about personality, goals, conduct, achievements of the person.

4. Check the Tone

The tone of the letter is an integral part of it and must always be checked. You must keep the tone formal and respectful. You have to be honest about what you are writing. If the reader is some person of esteem then you must address him the right way. Nowhere in the letter, your tone should go out of place or else it will completely ruin the impact of your assessment.

5. Know the Reader to Address Correctly

Before you start writing the letter, you must find out who is the person to whom you should be addressing your letter. This is important so that your letter reaches the right person and creates the right impression. Wrongly addressed letters are always a disaster and must be checked.

6. Don’t Miss on Checking and Editing

Once the letter has been framed, it must be checked from different aspects to make sure that the letter you have written, meets it purpose to the best possible levels. Once the letter is complete, you must take out some time to read it. Read it to make sure that there are no grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and to ensure that the information that you have mentioned it correct.  Though word processing technology make things a lot easier but never completely depend on technology.

7. Submit a Draft to the Person in Question

Make sure that you send a copy of the same to the person in question because he also needs to know what all information has been included in the letter.

With these points, your letter is complete in every sense.

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Employee Reference Check Letter Format

Use this employee background check letter format to confirm job applicant’s employment history, prior job performance and references.

November 15, 2013

< Name of the company/referred person>

Dear Mr./Ms.________,

We are in discussion with Mr. (name) at present. We have been evaluating his suitability for placement in our organization as (designation).

During the course of our meeting, he suggested you as his employment reference as he has worked in your organization from (date) to (date).

We have enclosed a form to get the information we want from you. We request you to fill the same and return it in the self-addressed envelope.

We assure that the information provided by you will be kept strictly confidential. However, if you prefer to share your information over phone instead of filling the form, you may contact Mr. (name) over the phone (phone number).

Thanking you,

Best Regards,

<Name of the Manager>
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Reference Check Format Form

I have attached reference check format form in word. It is filled by a new employer taking feedback from the ex-employer to check the authenticity of an applicant for job in his company.

Reference Checking Format

Name:  _______________________ Reference Name: ________________________

Company Name/ Address /Phone Number:


Dates of Employment: From: ______________ To: ___________________________

Designation: ______________________ Present Salary: _____________________






Key Responsibility 




Management and Team Player 


Relationship with Seniors and Co-workers 




Reason for leaving 


Overall Assessment 


Reference Check Done by:  Verification By:
Signature:  Signature:


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Reference Checking Format

Find the attachment file which can be used as a Reference Check Questionnaire while Recruiting an Employee.

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Response to Inquiry Concerning Former Employee, With Reference

Dear xxxxx

This is to acknowledge receipt of your inquiry of / /   in which you requested information regarding a previous employee of our firm. [Name of employee]     was my personal secretary for the last three years.  She is intelligent, dependable and extremely well organized.  She is fastidious in her Appearance and is very conscientious about her work.

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Reference Letter from Office for Immigration Application

Attach here Sample Recommendation Letter from working organization for immigration purpose.

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