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Purchasing KRA

Purchasing KRA include KRAs (can apply for KPIs management)

1. Outsourcing strategy / development / management

2. Zero production losses due to material shortages.

3. Timely delivery of goods at the respective sites.

4. Stock audit to ensure reconciliation of physical stocks.

5. Developing & negotiating with suppliers for obtaining timely procurement of materials at favourable commercial items.

6. Assessment of performance of the vendors.

7. Logistics operations.

8. Introducing innovative initiatives in operations.

9. Reduce on-hand inventory to the lowest feasible levels consistent with customer service objectives.

10. Reduce materials costs to the lowest levels consistent with quality objectives. Cost saving budgeting and targeting.

11. Purchasing policy and planning.

12. Development & implementation of key procurement strategies.

13. Formulating budget for timely procurement of spares & materials.

14. Develop statistical methods to estimate future materials requirements.

15. Assessing project material requirements and designing purchase schedule.

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