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Sample Letter to Employee for Recovering Training Expenses of Company

There are lots of companies which spend a huge sum on the training of their employees. The idea is to give them the best of the training so that they are able to do their job in a better way and help the company grow. Companies often go with training agreements or employer paid training agreements to reduce the risk of employees leaving the job before completing the first year. If one of your company leaves the job before completing his first year then Company can always write him a letter asking him for repayment of training costs because of the loss incurred to the Company.

Being the HR or Manager of your Company, if you don’t know how to frame a letter to your employee for recovering the training expenses then here is a sample format for the same.


Adarsh Swami

Human Resource Manager

Fullerton Software Ltd.

New Delhi

Date: 24.04.2018


Mr. Rakesh Gupta

B-490, Western Plaza

New Delhi

Dear Mr. Gupta,

This is response to your resignation letter submitted on 23.04.2018. We regret to inform you that the Management has denied accepting your resignation.

This is because as per your employment contract with Fullerton Software Ltd., you cannot leave your job before completion of one year because you have signed Employer Paid Training Agreement. According to this agreement, the Company has invested a huge sum of money in training you for your job and if you leave your job before completing one year, it is a huge loss to the company.

Therefore, as per the agreement, you will have to resume your job within 15 days from today or you will have to pay the Company through online bank transfer the amount of money the Company has lost on training you.

We will look forward for your response. In case of any further clarifications, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].


Adarsh Swami

Human Resource Manager

Fullerton Software Ltd.

You can download Letter to Employee for Recovering Training Expenses of Company in word formats.

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Reasons Why Investing in Employee Training is Must for Employers

Most of the companies take training very lightly. Not only this, if the organization has to cut on budget, the first thing that comes to their head is employee training because it doesn’t give immediate financial benefits and consumes lots of money and time. This happens because companies often forget to take into account the loss a company bears because of low employee moral or the expenses incurred on hiring new people. Training has the potential to keep employees highly motivated, thereby retaining them for longer and it also helps in keeping them competitive and smart, which in turn helps in having better productivity and more profits for your company.

Here are the reasons why every company should invest more in training their employees and not cut down on their budget.

1. Probability of Trained Employees Quitting is Lesser

Usually employees quit their job in the very first year of their joining. This happens because they are not able to deliver what it expected of them which makes them lose their confidence and they have no motivation to work. On the contrary an employee who is trained well has better command over his work, he explores his potential to perform, he wins laurels at work and enjoys all the appreciation which in turn works as a strong motivation for him to work harder.

2. Training Boosts Morale

It is very normal for a person to be unable to perform his job as expected if he is not trained. This results in drop in interest to work, lack of confidence and fear from work. Such employees end up losing their moral. On the other hand, companies can transform average recruits to star performers by training them the right way. This will not only enhance their performance levels but will also increase their morals. Their high morals will always keep them happy which will reflect in other professional relationships.

3. Entry Level Employees Always Need Attention

Most of the companies don’t wish to invest their money on new recruits for entry level jobs because they consider them of no importance. But on the contrary, the entry level jobs need your attention because these employees are the face of your organization and your customers deal with them all the time. To make sure that they leave a good impression on your clients, you must train your entry level employees without worrying about your investment. Never underestimate the importance of these jobs. If you have hired someone to manage the cash counter, other than managing cash, he also needs to be warm to your customers, he should be able to communicate effectively with them. So make sure you train them all.

4. Trained Employees Help in Cost Reduction & Increasing Customers

Trained employees are blessed with more benefits, which have been listed below:

  • More efficient
  • More stable
  • More productive
  • High on morale and confidence
  • Better control over their work
  • Maintain stronger and healthier associations with clients, customers etc.

All of these points clearly state how amazingly trained employees are able to control and reduce the costs borne by the company and bring more profits to the organization by increasing profits and increasing the number of customers. As each of the employee excels in his job, he will deliver great performance, maintain healthy relationships which will constantly contribute to the growth of the company. Moreover, the cost of recruitment will be reduced to the minimum as attrition rate will always be low.

5. Enjoy the Best of the Performers

We cannot negate the fact that we have to make compromises as finding the most suitable candidate for a particular job happens rare. But making compromises with skills needed for the job are always better than making compromises with his values and attitude. A good training model is very effective in bridging the gap between the skills needed for the job and skills possessed by the candidate. Training helps you bring your employees at par with your expectations. You can comfortably hone their skills of communication, conduct, technology and various other facets thereby having the best of the performers in your company.

These are some of the reasons which are good enough to understand the importance of investing time and money in training your employees.

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