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Application for Join any Organization or NGOs for Intern/Volunteer Work

There are various companies and NGOs which invite candidates for volunteer work as well as internship and if you wish to apply for any such program then writing an Application for Volunteer Work in Organizations or Companies is highly recommended. It is a simple and short application that puts forward your intent to work as a volunteer or intern.

Here is the Application for Volunteer Work Template that you can follow. Just use this Volunteer Cover Letter Example in order to submit your application in a formal manner.

Application Lefor Joining Companies for Internship or Volunteer Work


Richard Smith

54, Henry Street

New York

Date: March 22nd, 2023


Mr. Warren Ray


Children’s Future Home

New York

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to express my interest in joining your NGO for volunteering my services to support the special children at your Children’s Future Home.

If given a chance, I would be working hard to play a significant role in helping these children learn different skills with which they can support themselves financially.

For your reference, I have attached my CV with the application. I am a Masters in Arts and I have experience working with children. I have been taking free classes for elementary kids from last six months.

I am very hopeful that you will give me a chance to be a part of your organization and help these children.

Thanking you.


Richard Smith

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Advance Salary Application for Festivals like Diwali, Christmas

Festivals are an important part of the year that people finally get to celebrate with their family and their community. An Advance Salary Application can be written to the employer asking for advance amount on the occasion of a festival.


The Chief

Finance Department

AVL Home Tech

Subject: Application for Advance Salary

Respected Sir,

With due respect, I am writing this to request an advance of $20,000 from my salary for the festival of Diwali. It is a festival close to my heart as I finally get to go back to India to meet my family and spend this festival of lights with them and my community.

Please deduct a sum of $2000 from my salary each month until the entire amount is recovered.

I hope you consider my request. I will be grateful to you.

Thanking you.


Ronald PL

Jr. Finance Manager

Employee ID: 5968743

Download Advance Salary Application for festivals like Diwali, Christmas in Word Format

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Salary Advance Application for Wife’s Delivery

The funds required at the time of wife’s delivery are high and you may fall short of finances for it. The most genuine way to solve the problem is to ask the employer for an advance payment of salary. Here is how a Salary Advance Application for wife’s delivery is written.


The Manager

Human resource Department

UILP Foods

Subject: Application for advance salary

Respected Sir,

Most respectfully, I am writing this letter as a request for Advance Salary of $25,000 which I need to cover the medical expenses of my wife’s delivery.

Keeping in mind my current financial condition, this amount is the greatest relief I can get right now.

Please deduct a sum of $2500 each month from my salary until the full amount is recovered.

Please consider my request. I will be highly obliged to you in this regard.


Harry Green

Assistant Manager

Human Resource Department

Download Salary Advance Application for Wife’s Delivery in Word Format

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Advance Salary/Money Application Formats, Sample Letter

An application for advance salary / money is written by an employee to the employer requesting urgent advance salary from them. The reasons for the request can be numerous. It is important to communicate the reason in the employee salary advance request letter.

This post contains examples for application for advance salary, advance salary application formats, advance salary application in English and advance against salary application. There are examples of letters to suit the situation for the request of advance salary.

Simple Advance Salary Application Format

An application is written to the employer in request of advance salary on urgent basis. The reason is to be mentioned in brief and amount is to be stated clearly. This is how a simple advance salary application is written:


The Manager,

Happy Day International

Subject: Application for advance salary

Respected Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter in true hope that my request will be fulfilled. I have my sister’s wedding coming up next month and I am in dire need of $25,000. I want you to grant this amount of advance from my salary. The wedding was finalized just last week and all the preparations are to be done. It is important for me to be there with my family in their moment of joy and triumph and make my sister’s big day special for her. Please consider my request and I will always be grateful to you for your support.


Nate Collins

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Reject Internship Application Email to Candidate

It is always recommended to respond to the internship application emails even if the candidate’s application has got rejected and to do that, writing formal rejection emails to candidates is recommended. Reject Internship Application Email to Candidate is used for informing the candidate about rejection along with the reason for doing so.

In this post, we have included a Candidate rejection email template. Using this Candidate rejection email sample, you can write your own email. This reject intern email to candidate makes it convenient to create one such email.

Reject Internship Application Email Format to Candidate

Dear Mr. Jim,

Thank you for considering Zenith Technology for your internship. We are writing this email to let you know that we have decided to move ahead with a different candidate for the profile of Marketing Intern.

Our team found your resume and your accomplishments quite impressive. We had just one opening for this post and we chose to select someone who we felt was more deserving for the profile. We think you could make a good fit for our other future openings and we will get back to you if we find you a good match.

Wishing you good luck for your future endeavors.


Samantha Brown

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Application Letter for Any Position Without Experience

If you are looking for job and you have no work experience then starting your career with any position is fine as it will support you financially until you are able to get a job that you desire. The Application letter Sample for any position is a very simple letter that highlights your strength. The Sample Cover Letter With No Experience in Field is important as it introduces you and your skills to the person reading the letter.

In this post, we bring to you an Application Letter For Any Position. You can use this Application Letter format for Any Position With no Work Experience to create a personalized letter.

Application Letter for any Position without Experience Example


Andrew Reynolds
59, Richmond Apartments
New York

Date: June 20, 2022


Ms. Amy Brown
HR Manager
Zenith Technologies
New York

Dear Mr. Amy,

My name is Andrew Reynolds and I have completed my Bachelors in Management from California University. I am look for any job opportunity in your esteemed organization as I wish to begin my career with a prestigious company like yours.

I am a position holder in my college and I have won many competitions throughout my education. I was also a team lead of our Marketing segment of BMA group in college. I am a hardworking and determined individual. I always look for opportunities to learn and that’s why I intend to work with your company as it offers its employees a healthy environment to learn and grow.

Kindly find my resume attached with this application. I will be really honored if you could give me an opportunity to work with Zenith Technologies.

Looking forward to hear from you.


Andrew Reynolds

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Leave Extension Application for Mother/ Father Medical Treatment

If you need to extend your leave by a couple of days because of the medical treatment of your father or mother then you must use an application format of leave extension to write to your boss. The request letter for leave extension is a simple letter that includes the number of extended leaves as well as the reason of extension.

Request for Leave Extension Email due to my Father/Mother Medical Treatment

Sub: Regarding Extension of Leave

Dear Sir,

I, Ari Ray, have been on leave from last three days from 20th May, 2022 to 22nd May, 2022 due to the medical treatment of my mother. She has got both her knees replaced for good.

I am writing this letter in order to request you to please grant me a leave extension of two days as my mother needs to be kept under observation by the doctor for another two days to make sure that she has a smooth recovery. Therefore, I need to be with her to take care of her before she gets discharged.

I request you to kindly grant me a leave extension for 23rd May, 2022 and 24th May, 2022 and I will make sure that I am at work on 25th May, 2022. I hope you will approve my request. I would also like to apologize for the inconvenience caused because of my leave extension.

Thanking in anticipation.


Ari Ray

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Sample Application Format for Shift Change in Office

If you want to have your shift at office changed from morning to evening or vice-versa then you have to write a formal application for shift timing change in office. You can write shift change request letter due to health issues or due to some personal reasons. Application for changing shift from evening to morning in office or for any other reason has to be short and specific.

In this post, we have drafted two sample request letters for change of office time. Use these shift change request letter formats to create your own application format for shift timing change in office in a professional way.

Application Format for Shift Change in Office


Radhika Sharma
54, Hansraj Apartments,
Greater Kailash,
New Delhi

Date: August 5th, 2019


The Manager
ICBI Technologies
New Delhi

Sub: Regarding request for change in shift.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to bring to your notice my health condition. From last couple of months, I have been suffering from sleep disorders and after consulting my doctor, I have been advised to have day shifts.

I request you to please change my shift timings from night to morning shift considering my health situation. From the last two years, I have been allotted night shifts and have always been punctual at work. I have always given my best at my work and have always aimed to achieve what is best for my organization.

I am extremely hopeful that you will consider my condition and will approve my request for change in shift.

Thanking in anticipation.


Radhika Sharma

2. Sample Application format for Shift Timing Change in Office


Radhika Sharma
54, Hansraj Apartments,
Greater Kailash, New Delhi
Date: August 2nd, 2019


The Manager
ICBI Technologies
New Delhi

Sub: Regarding request for shift timing change.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to request you to please change my shift time from morning to night because of some personal reasons. I want to bring to your notice that my grandfather has not been keeping well and therefore, I need to be around him during morning hours to take care of him.

I will assure you that I will not give you any chance to complaint and will fulfil all my responsibilities and duties to the best of my levels. I am hopeful that you will understand my situation and will approve my request for shift timing change.

Thanking in anticipation.


Radhika Sharma

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Job Application Format

I have Attached Job Application Format

                               Rajib Kaushik

                                   C/0 P.K.Gogoi, House No:126

                                                 Saurav Nagar, Beltola,Ghy_781028




Contact No#   9864116830                                            Email:[email protected]                                                                                                          [email protected]

Permanent Address: Jonaki Nagar Tinali, Opp.Bhanga                                

Mill,Golaghat ,pin:785621

Job Objective


To excel in the professional field and work as a team for the success of the organization, ensuring my future progress with the growth of the organization




ó Over 6 and a half years of experience in Team Handling & Liasioning in on field

as well as operational field.

ó Strong communication, interpersonal, analytical & team building skills with proficiency at grasping new concepts quickly and utilising the same in a productive manner.

ó Offered Corporate Ideologies at various levels.



Summary of Key Skills


Ø       Key account management.

Ø       Co-ordination between Clients & Company at the most Professional level

Ø       Involved in the total sales & Team management in collaboration with the authority.

Ø       Searching for value added clients and thereby converting them to prospective customers for the company

Ø       Conducting value-worth & meaningful seminars to impart new knowledge in the sector am associated with.

Ø       Keeping regular track of customer’s grievances & hence tackle them in a most professional way.

Ø       The foremost part which is above all this is to concentrate  in increasing the profitability of the concerned organization


Professional Experience


v     Co’s Name                                                             period:-Nov’11 till date

1. Shine Realtors Pvt.Ltd (Building & Construction division), Guwahati


Working as an Assistant Manager, HR & Admin.


Responsibilities undertaken:


Responsible for payroll & Compensation Management. Maintenance of statutory Compliances of working Sites, renewal of trade License, Contractor’s report, daily attendance, Security & vendor Maintenance.



1.      Maithan Alloys Ltd,Meghalaya                   Period: April’10 till Feb’11


Working as a Personnel Officer


Responsibilities under taken:

Responsible for overall HR Cum Admin management like maintenance of statutory, Labour Compliance, renewal of trade License, Contractor’s report, daily attendance &O.T maintenance.



2. Ma Foi Management Consultants (under BP Role)              March, 08-March’ 2010



        Worked as Executive (human resource management)



       Responsibilities under taken:

Ø      Responsible for all or any thing related to office administration, operations and documentation.

Ø      Preparation of all the project proposals, project related MIS or documentation, reports

Ø      Have to go head hunting as well as referels to search out new Clients and Candidates

Ø      To maintain P.F, attendance and all other H.R related docs of the Temp Candidates.(under outsourced Employees’ scheme)


3. Kotak Securities Ltd                                                                  Jun’06-Feb’08


Worked as a Sales Coordinator .The job involves in handling a sales team

And thereby acting as a coordinator and guide to each member within the  sales team so as

to bring quality Trading cum Demat A/cs as well as margin funding a/c On behalf of the




Moreover, I had to send the day to day Sales report to my Regional office as well as to

to look after D.P operational work which involves the pay-in and pay –out of Cheque

as well as to look after the proper fill-up of Depository slips.


Office-coordination was another responsibility that was estrusted upon me.






Ø      Has got highest performance based incentive almost three times continuosly  within the period.

Ø      Has Got promoted to Branch Sales Coordinator From Trainee Sales Coordinator

executive within one year in Kotak Securities Ltd.

Ø      Successfully Maintaining the coordination between the recruitment and vendor

Management division of my present recruitment consultant as on verge in starting

the staffing division of the Organisation.



v     PROJECTS Undertaken                                                                 PERIOD


1.Completed a six months extensive field

as well as classroom entrepreneurial development               Jan’2003-June’2003

programme on” Non-conventional Energy Devices”

organised by E.D.P.Cell, Cotton college in collaboration

with IIT-Guwahati & S.I.D.B.I


2. A Live project on the awareness of the rural mass of           Feb’2003-May, 2003

Of the North-East about Small Savings & its utility

in collaboration with C.I.C & NI.C through C-DAC

using Finnacle-2 software.



Pursuing Post Graduate Diploma In management(H.R & Personnel)

from I.G.N.O.U



2000                      Dibrugarh University                   Grade-II (55%)                  Golaghat



                     (Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, English)




1996                      Debraj Roy College                        1st div. (60%)                   Golaghat


                               12th standard( Science)                 


1994                      Matriculation(S.E.B.A)                  1st div.(68%)                        Golaghat                     


Technical Exposure


Diploma in Information and System Management (DISM) from Aptech Computer Education Centre

Packages: MS-Office 2000, MS Access

Languages: C, C++, VB.

Platform: MS DOS<WIN ME, WIN NT.


Projects undertaken:

  • Order Processing Systems of a Publishing House in Access.
  • Library Management Systems in VB.


Diploma in accounting & Financial programming(DAFP) from C-DAC,Pune



Certification course in Financial or capital market: N.C.F.M (Capital Market) module

AMFI Certified

IRDA Certified

Personal Profile

  • Father’s Name                    :        Sri Hiren Sarmah
  • Date of Birth                                   :        31-12-1980
  • Language Competency                  :  English, Hindi, Assamese
  • Hobbies                                                :        Surfing the net to know        the world

                                     Traveling to broaden the


                                   Gazing Stars to unwind myself

  • Strengths                                               :        Composed, approachable, adaptable


References: Will be provided as and when required.





   Date:                                                                                             (Rajib Kaushik)                                                    


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Application Form and Resume Format

I have attached application form and resume format.

Resume Format







Name                                      :





Date of birth                           :






Address                                  :








Tel                                           :





E-mail                                     :



Professional Qualification :



Main Subject

Year of passing

Percentage obtained













Computer Knowledge            :








Work Experience:

Company Name



No of Years

Nature of work (40 Words only)





Present Remuneration           :



Salary Expectation                 :




Area of Specialization:                                               Rating 1-10




Area of interest

in technical field                     :





Notice Period required: (Please tick the appropriate column)


7 days

15 days



Encl: 1) Copies of all the relevant certificates.

2)    2 pass port size photographs.





Place:                                                                                      Signature :                         


 Click Here To Download Application Form and Resume Format

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