PRIDE process in Recruiting, Holding and Motivating the Employees

PRIDE process in recruiting, holding and motivating the employees

Companies are able to improve their ability of attracting and keeping their employees and as a result, improving the performance by applying PRIDE process, which includes of 5 steps:

P – Provide: provide a positive working environment
R – Recognize: recognize, reward and consolidate the appropriate behaviors
I – Involve: Involve and become fond of
D – Develop: develop potentials and skills
E – Evaluate: Acknowledge and evaluate

Step 1 – Providing a Positive Working Environment

Have you ever work for such a bossy? One of the most common reasons why employees leave their jobs is because of their relationships with the direct managers. In fact, there are many managers who can not understand the impact of their actions and decisions on the leaving of their employees.

One importance aspect of the effective HR keeping strategy is to train the managers. Proper training plays an important role in this strategy as well as in the recruitment strategy. The managers will need skills and knowledge to understand each employee’s needs and implement plans to keep the employees stay with the company.

Step 2 – Recognize, reward and consolidate the appropriate behaviors

Money and benefit may help motivating the employees forward; however, there are still other incentives that help keeping the employees. As for certain people, needs for esteem and self-actualization at work are their primary needs, and with recognization and appraisal shall satisfy them well.

Step 3 – Involve and Become fond of

Every one may try hard to work, but are they really productive and fond of doing so? Employees will be more interested in and enthusiastic about when they are involved in the decision making and are allowed to make proposals. As long as that, they will feel more active at work.

Step 4 – Develop potentials and skills

Skilled employees shall not stick forever to one job if they don’t see their future there. To eliminate the feeling of being in a Cul-de-sac position, each company should have a plan for personal development.

Step 5 – Acknowledge and evaluate

Non-stop observation and evaluation are the final step in PRIDE process. The top priority of the evaluation is to acknowledge correctly the employee’s satisfaction and performance. The process of evaluation includes the evaluation of the employee’s attitude, working spirit, ability to leave and ability to stay with the team. A list of what shall be evaluated and acknowledged by the company should be prepared right in the beginning

• Conduct the survey on employee’s satisfaction for at least once a year.

• Interview and ask the candidates questions relating to the reasons why they come to and leave from the company.

• Improve the recruitment process to ensure the accordance between the job’s requirements and the employee’s needs.

• Be flexible to employees who have to take care of their family (parent or children)

• Ensure that the managers take responsibility to keep the employees of their departments.

• Estimate the cost of staff changing

• Focus on positions that highly affect on the productivity and profit.

• Create an effective employee orientation environment.

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