5 tips to Select the Candidate via Telephone

5 tips to select the candidate via telephone
These tips are applied for checking candidate ( one of methods of candidate selection/recruitment).

Selecting the candidate via telephone is one of the most effective and economical recruitment methods. If a manager can apply this method correctly, it will be much easier for him to recruit new talents for the Company.

1. Collecting necessary information in as least time as possible

When calling a candidate, especially who has not known that you shall call him/her, you should ask and collect as much information as possible in the first call. It will help you decide whether or not the candidate is qualified and save your wasteful time in talking with the unqualified.

Normally, a person that doesn’t wish to seek a new job would not like to have a long talk with a stranger who suddenly calls to recruit him/her. Therefore, you should emphasize in the interesting and attractive advantages of the new job at first minute or else the candidate may not know of the great opportunity facing him/her.

2. Understanding the True Value of the Candidate

First of all, you have to decide the requirements of qualification, skills and experiences for the job.
Having decided necessary requirements, you may select out the qualified candidates to make proper calls. This will help you save your wasteful call to the unqualified. In addition, only the managers who understand well about the job requirements are able to recruit suitable candidates for them.

3. Broadening the Relationship

You should be active in creating a good relationship with a good candidate to broaden your connection with others. Some managers may find it “strange” in patiently suggesting one candidate to introduce more suitable ones to the job that he/she has declined to apply right in the first call, but this method is usually effective in offering you more potential candidates to the vacancy. Good candidates normally do not mean to introduce other candidates to the job unless they understand that they are really not suitable to that job.

4. Identifying the candidate’s motivation

Before calling the candidate, you should figure out his motivation to seek a job. Why does he want to find a new job opportunity? Does he wish to advance in this job or is he interested in another that is more dynamic? In the Candidate’s application form, section “Career Goals” shall help you understand more about the candidate’s motivation.

Besides, you should understand well which type of employee you would like to recruit. You can divide the candidates into segments with specific characteristics such as preferable positions, preferable salaries, etc, then, if you have a suitable way approaching these segments, you shall be able to choose the talents for your company.

5. Enhancing the attractiveness of the Job

Many people are inactive in finding new jobs, especially when they do not know who the employers are. They will not think of spending time listening to you, not mentioning their willingness to talk or discuss with a strange employer.

To avoid the above problem, the manager should find ways to raise the candidate’s curiosity about the job or the interesting features of it. If the candidate finds it interesting, you shall invite him to a direct interview to persuade this talent to work for the company. If he is not interested, this also benefits you as the candidate may introduce a more suitable one to the position.

A manager must know how to make a question to draw the candidate’s attention, such as “Do you wish to find a new job that is better than your current one?” It will be good if you point out the attractiveness of the job such as a higher salary…

The most important is that you know how to introduce the job attractively and interestingly as there are many people who do not intend to seek a new job but still talk with an employer if they feel interested in the opportunity you have brought them.

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