Five Ways to Update Your Resume after Your First Job

Updating A Resume After Your First Job

With time everything changes. Remember all the advices and guidelines given by your professor in the last year of your college about designing your resume, the one that you prepared after your graduation? Well now times have changed. After your first real job, when you are updating your resume, you need to know the important points that you must include and irrelevant points that you must deduct to make sure that looks perfectly impressive.

This article focuses on five important things that you need to keep in mind while updating your resume after your first job. This is important because you have grown in terms of your career, experience and exposure and your resume must reflect that. So to have a professionally designed resume, you must follow all the points mentioned below.

Strike Out the References from Educational Institution

Once you have completed your college and started your career, no one is bothered about your grades and marks. Hence, it is important that you remove all the references from your professors, principals etc. so that your resume doesn’t give a feel that you are still studying in college. Mentioning the name of your college, your degree and your major is more than enough. You can surely mention your wonderful accomplishments and awards along with some information on your internship or any other important thing that reflects some important qualities in your personality. Rest everything should be removed from it. You don’t need to mention anything else and after your college, your focus must shift to your real working experience as that is the most important thing that counts.

Talk About Your Job

The prime focus of your resume should be on your job. You must discuss in detail your profile along with the roles and responsibilities. As this has been your first and the only job, there is nothing more to mention so you can take the liberty of mentioning about it in an informative manner. Avoid mentioning them into a paragraph. Listing them into points will bring good clarity to the hiring manager and it will also give a professional feel. Make sure that you talk about these responsibilities in the order of priority.

Special Mention of Your Skills

When you take up a job, you also acquire some skills that are useful for performing that job. It is always good to talk about your job-related skills that you picked at work along with the skills that you picked during extra-curricular activities at college or school. If you experienced some training session during your job then you must also talk about it. You can even talk about your computer courses that you did which helped you in your job or other various courses that have contributed to your performance at work.

Professional Appeal is Must

For your resume to look impressive, it is important that you make it look professional from every angle. It is good to update the format so that it looks fresh and nice. It is important to make sure that the font style, size and other formatting details are in synchronization with the present trends. For instance, it is good to replace “Objective” on top of your resume with “Professional Profile” as per the latest trends otherwise it will look stale. Also ensure that you have proofread the resume so that there are no grammatical errors and issues in it.

Update Personal Information

Do not forget to update your personal information which includes your address, phone number, email id etc. along with your marital status. Do not just paste it on your fresh resume without changing it, if there have been any changes in it. We often just let it pass the same way as we forget to update the information.

These are the five points which we all must keep in mind while updating our resume after our first job. This way you will see a big change in your resume as it will be very different from the one that you had create after your graduation. This one will be more professional, more informative and more impressive.