Tips for Writing a Persuasive Job Application Letter

With cut-throat competition, it is not easy to earn a chance to have an interview scheduled with your dream company. To be able to do so, you must know how to frame a persuasive job application letter which can actually impress the reader and compel him to interview you.

This post focuses on some very important tips for writing a professional and persuasive job application letter which can present your experience, education qualification and skills in the best of the way which can take you to the interview room without fail. Follow these useful guidelines and find yourself standing out from the crowd.

Useful Tips for Persuasive Job Application

Here are some wonderful tips to help you hit the bull’s eye.

  • Address it Correctly

It is always good to address your job application letter to a particular person. If possible then find out who is going to be receiving this letter and them address your job application letter to that particular person. This would obviously impress the recipient and it will help you stand out in the competition as you have taken extra efforts.

  • Mention the Job Profile Correctly

The next important thing to keep in mind is the job profile for which you are applying. There has to be complete clarity in that so that the reader doesn’t have to make guesses about the job for which you are sending the application. Remember there can be multiple job openings at the same time which may put your application under confusion.

  • Connect Your Skills with Job Requirements

In order to impress the reader, you must establish the best possible connection between the requirements of the employer for the job with the skills you possess. You must develop a strong balance between the job description and the qualities that you possess that effectively meet the requirements. The idea is to project your background and skills in accordance with the opening.

  • Share Experience or Qualifications Using Examples

It is always good to share your work experience or qualifications using the examples. They add more authenticity to your working and help you have better way of expressing the work you have done in the past. Talk about your last job or the last important responsibility that you shouldered to make it look more impressive. This is all about projecting your abilities and achievements.

  • Talk About Results of Skills

You must also briefly mention the outputs your efforts brought along. It is important because it shows that how well your efforts and planning have materialized. This also adds more confidence to your letter as you are able to bring in more authenticity to it by talking about your smart achievements.

  • State Reasons for Job Application

The next important thing to do is to be able to talk about the reasons because of which you are applying for this particular job. Although you must not deviate from the focus of writing this letter which is to talk about what you can offer the employer. You must also add a feel to your draft that you are interested in accepting the job, if you are offered.

  • Ask Yourself

You must keep asking yourself question that how will an employer react to the letter when he has read it. You must analyze your letter from time to time from the point of view of an employer to make sure that you have included every point that he would like to see it in the draft. This kind of careful analysis is important to revise your letter and make it perfect.

  • No Grammatical Errors

Make sure that you don’t make any grammatical errors in your letter. No spelling mistakes or typographical errors should be left unattended.

  • Short and Sweet

The letter has to be very short. One page letter is good enough to put forward your point. Make sure you use enough white space to make it look complete. If there are any important points then highlight them to bring more focus on them.

  • Professional Format

The format of the letter has to be professional in every sense. Read it again and again to ensure that it is a formal letter.

Keep all these points in mind to create a persuasive and impressive job application letter. These guidelines can surely do wonders by helping you reach to the level of personal interview.

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