Electrical Maintenance Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Electrical Maintenance Engineer Interview questions

Electrical Maintenance Engineer is a very skilled profession and therefore a highly detail oriented person is required for jobs. Apart from the necessary education and qualification, they should be updated with the required electrical and mechanical concepts. The interview for this post is tough and so preparation should be done before appearing for the interview. You can get some commonly asked Electrical Maintenance Engineer interview questions given below. The answers for these questions are also given for your reference. But it is necessary to be prepared with other questions as well.

1 Q: Tell us about yourself.

A: Describe about your experience in your previous jobs. Say about the work you performed as an electrical engineer and your track record in your previous jobs. Mention your solid background areas to the interviewer. Do not make the answer very lengthy. You should finish this answer within three minutes. As this is just a warm up question in interviews, do not say all the details of yourself. The interviewer will ask you in the remaining questions.

2 Q: What do you think are the job responsibilities of an Electrical Maintenance Engineer?

A: The main job responsibilities of an electrical maintenance engineer include overseeing the electrical tests performed on the project, supervising the installation of electrical systems and being responsible for electrical system projects. However, you should read the job description before appearing for the interview and answer accordingly.

3 Q:. Mention some electrical engineering projects you have supervised or engineered.

A: Give a brief answer to this question mentioning only the important projects. Describe a little information about each project to create an idea to the interviewer regarding what type of work you carried out in your previous job.

4 Q: Describe a difficult work project and how you overcame it.

A: Whatever you say you need to keep your answer positive. Mention the project and describe the situation and steps you took to overcome the difficulty. It is better to use the word challenging instead of difficulty. Difficulty can be considered as your weaknesses also. So keep the tone in a positive way.

5 Q: What problems have you encountered at work?

A: Whenever you mention about problems, also say about the steps you took to overcome the problem. The interviewer is not interested in hearing your problem but he wants to know how you deal with them. Keep the answer in a positive tone.

6 Q:. Why should we hire you?

A: This is a question which has to be answered carefully. It is time to highlight about your skills and abilities which relate with the job description. You need not compare yourself with other candidates in this question. Mention only the unique skills which make you stand apart from other candidates. Explain why you will make a good fit for the company.

7 Q:. What challenges are you looking for in the position of Electrical Maintenance Engineer?

A: Be open to challenges. Challenges will help you to utilize your skills and abilities. You can also mention that you are motivated by challenges and that you have the ability to meet the challenges. You can add by describing some examples of your previous job.

8 Q:. How long would you work for us?

A: The interviewer is not expecting you to give specific dates for your answer. But avoid giving answers which make the interviewer feel that you will leave soon. Make him believe that you will be in the company for a good amount of time.

9 Q:. Why do you want to work here?

A: Do some research about the company and have full knowledge about the job description. The interviewer wants to find out your intentions of working here. So give a valid reason for your interest in joining the company.

10 Q: Are you responsible for the quality standards of your projects?

A: An Electrical Maintenance Engineer has to work in accordance with certain quality standards. You need to describe how you ensure compliance and also what steps you take to verify that all workers comply with contractual requirements. If you have done this before, describe in brief.

11 Q:. What is the most recent skill you have learned that related to Electrical Maintenance Engineer?

A: Describe the skill and how it is going to help you in your work as Electrical Maintenance Engineer. It is important to keep on acquiring skills so as to add value to your qualifications. The interviewers like candidates who are keen on acquiring new skills.

12 Q: Do you require some maintenance training to work with us?

A: The answer to this question depends on the type of industry and your skills. Be honest in your answer. If training is required it is better to say then to find difficulty later on while working with the company. The interviewer will also take it in a positive way that you are interested in acquiring training.

13 Q: Do you have the knowledge about necessary mechanical equipments, machinery and maintenance procedures.

A: An Electrical Maintenance Engineer is expected to have knowledge about necessary mechanical equipments, machinery and maintenance procedures. Describe in short what you know or utilized during your previous job as well as such knowledge will help you for the role of Electrical Maintenance Engineer.

14 Q: What kind of salary are you expecting for as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer?

A: Here you should be careful not to answer the question directly as the salary you recommend can be too high or too low. If they insist provide them a salary scale as acceptable by you. Or else say that the salary should match with your ability and as per the industry standards.