HR Policy for Hotel Industries

Please Find the attachment HR Policy for Hotel Industries.


Manpower Planning and Selection

  1. Ensure there is optimal manning of all positions to maximize profitability.
  2. To provide our employee/workman with job enrichment and responsibility in their work assignments and utilize the potential of an individual to the fullest.
  3. Provide scope for growth and development.
  4. All manpower requirements are to be sanctioned by the Hotel Management.
  5. Salary slabs/grades are a must.
  6. Proper sanctions to be taken for filing new requirements, including for filling replacement vacancies.

Recruitment and Selection

  1. Proper process to be followed to ensure the timely availability of high quality manpower at minimal cost.
  2. To employ strictly professional methods in recruitment like personal interviews.
  3. Manpower requirement Advertisement to be released only through HRD.
  4. If walk-in interviews, then HR personnel will conduct preliminary rounds.
  5. Assess the personal details and technical skills.
  6. Verify the references.
  7. Short-list the best candidates.
  8. Short listed candidates to be interviewed by the Department Heads and final candidate to be selected.
  9. Head of HRD/General Manager & Managing Director/see selected candidates before appointment to the respective post.
  10. No person below the age of 18 years is considered for selection.
  11. If any temporary personnel are engaged it must not exceed 30 during a period of one year.
  12. Temporary employees to be paid on daily wages, which will be fixed by the Management.


  1. To offer a competitive salary in order to attract and retain the best talent in the Hotel Industry.
  2. Qualifications and experience form the basis for salary fixation of new entrants.


  1.  The impressions that a new employee forms during his/her first few days in the organization plays a vital role in determining the overall feeling that he/she develops towards the organization and time duration which employees would get to know their colleagues.
  2. The first part of induction would be generic and would be applicable to all employees irrespective of functional specialty. It would consist an exposure to the organization’s genesis, its mission, objectives, policies, and work systems.
  3.  The second part of individual requirements specific to a particular role or function in order to facilitate effectiveness on the job.
  4. Induction program for new employees are designed by management and coordinated by HRD.


  1. To ensure that standards are maintained with in the organization premises while interacting with the customers/guests.
  2. The Guest Relation Executives & Agents will be in uniform according to their position and grade.
  3. No much jewelry to be worn by the staff with in the premises.
  4.   Ladies to have their hair tied and neatly pinned.
  5. Gents must be clean shaved with short hair neatly combed.
  6. Well-redefined language to be spoken with one another and also while interacting with the guests.
  7.  No staff to chew gum or tobacco during the duty hours with in the premises.


  1. Workers/Staff will be provided lockers to place uniforms, clothing and necessary belongings.
  2. Lockers to be locked to be locked by the workers/staff using the locker.
  3.  Any thing missing form the lockers will not be the responsible of the management.

Workers/Staff Canteens

  1. Workers/Staff are provided facility of canteens to have their breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  2. Management provides food.
  3. Strict timings to be followed by the workers/staff.
  4. Canteen discipline (area, dinning manner, etc.) to be maintained.

Performance Management

  1. Performance and potential is analyzed by means of an objective and fair Performance and potential appraisal system.
  2. The head of the department must set the base of the performance and potential appraisal system.
  3. The organization expects its employees to extend every effort possible to convert their performance and potential into a reality.


  1. A free and open flow of communication between employees will enhance overall organizational effectiveness.
  2. Prior information to the management about the employees going on leave etc.

Working hours

  1. The organization has fixed working hours based on the customer’s convenience.
  2.  Working time will vary from department to department based on shift.
  3. Weekly off will also differ from department to department.
  4. The management and respective head of the department will fix information as to work timings and weekly off.

Over Time

  1. Workers/Staff may be required to work over- time only when there is really a need and not as per the wish of the worker/staff.
  2. OT approval has to be taken the concerned head of department with the consent of the Hotel Management.
  3. OT may be compensated in form of cash or compensatory leave.
  4. OT is tabulated only if the hours worked exceeds 2 hours after the duty hours.


  1. Each employee will be given weekly off (not necessary Sunday due to customer convenience and nature of business).
  2. It will help in rejuvenate oneself and take rest.
  3. 10 public holidays will be declared every year.  Not all employees can avail this facility due to the nature of business.  Compensatory off to be given for the employees, as they could not avail the public holiday.
  4. The list of holidays will be put on the notice board.
  5. Employees’ entitlement of causal, sick and Privilege leave will be as per the Organization’s norms.
  6. Leave in advance on a prorata basis is granted only in deserving cases based on the merits of each case.
  7. Leave taken (SL/CL/PL) to be intimated to HRD through leave card to avoid loss of pay.


  1. To help employees attend to urgent and unexpected personal work.
  2. Employees are given permission for not more than 2 hours and more than 4 occasions in a month o attend to their work subjective to the approval of Head Department.
  3. Entries to be filled in the permission cards and suitable approvals taken.
  4. Cards to be filed to HRD at the end of the month to avoid loss of working hours.

Medical Facilities

  1. Medical entitlements are given to workers/ staff through ESIC for which the staff and management contribute monthly for the welfare of workers/staff
  2. Non-ESIC staff can avail sick leave subject to providing the medical certificate.


  1. Normally management fixes notice period based on the grades.
  2. It is done to prevent disruption of work.
  3. Before final settlement, workers/staff will have to return the uniform, lockers, identity badges (if any) and other facility provided by the organization.
  4. Terminal payment on account of exigencies of work during the notice period.

An exit interview will be conduced by the Head of HRD to take a feedback from the staff who wishes to resign, to elicit frank opinions about the organization and its personnel policies and also to seek suggestions for improvements.