Free Employee Application Form Template

I have attached employee data sheet Application Form.

Employee Data Sheet

Emp. ID No: __ __ __                                                                                                                    DOJ : __ __ __ __ __ __


Attach recent Photo


  1. All fields in the form should be filled by the candidate in his/her own handwriting
  2. Submit two passport size and two postcard size photographs.
  3. Education / experience certificates to be attached along with.
  4. Designation, Department, Function & Role be filled only after it is explained & may be left blank.


Employee Details


Name: _________________________________________________________________


Designation: ___________________________________Department __________________________________________


Function: ______________________________________Role________________________________________________


Current Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________



Telephone: _________________________________          Mobile:  __________________________________________


Permanent Address: _______________________________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________STD Code_________Phone__________________


Email Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________


Identification Mark: ________________________________________________________________________________


Date of Birth:(encl. proof)  ________________    Place of Birth: _________________________  Gender: ____________


Passport No:    _________________________ Place of Issue: __________________    Date of Expiry:  _____________


Driving License No: _____________________________     2-Wheeler/4-Wheeler _______________________________


Bank Account No:(encl. proof)______________________  Bank Name & Branch: _______________________________


ESI No.(if available): __________________________ EPF No. (if available): __________________________________


Education Details

Instruction: Include School, Colleges, technical institutes, universities and special courses indicating the place where they are located.


Examination/ Degree

School/ College

University/ Board

Year of passing


Percentage/ Grade

Main Subjects


Work Experience Details

Instruction: In the space provided below, describe every position which you have held since you first began to work. Start with the present position and work back to the earliest positions which you held. Attach separate sheet if necessary.


From             To

Company Name & Full Address

Phone no.

Last Position held

Last Salary Drawn &  Nature of Duties

Reason of leaving/ Remarks.


Family Details





Contact information

1 Father
2 Mother
3 Spouse
4 Sister
5 Brother


General Information

Blood Group: (encl. proof) ____________ Any Known Allergies: _____­­­_______________________


Emergency Contact (Name, Telephone & Address):_____________________________________




Referred to Company by/through:            



Known Since

Contact Detail




Declaration: I hereby declare that the information submitted above is to the best of my knowledge and nothing has been concealed there in. I shall have no objection in case the company or its associate, client companies make enquiries about me from the persons named above.


Date:                                                                                                      Signature: ___________________________________


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