Mindset and How to Develop a Growth Mindset

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7/4/12                             Management Tip

Publication: The Economic Times Mumbai;Date: Jul 3, 2012;Section: Career & Business;Page: 8

Management Tip


Develop a Growth Mind-set


By Harvard Business Review

WE SPEND A lot of time and energy at work trying not to fail. However, most people describe their failures as an important part of learning and growing. Adapt a growth mind-set and accept that failure is part of the process of skill development.People with a growth mind-set feel smart when they’re learning, not just when they’re succeeding. Don’t limit yourself to doing things that you know you can do—you won’t grow that way. Instead, try things that are above your ability and set high goals that you aren’t sure
you can reach. You might surprise yourself and succeed, and if you don’t, you’ll learn something new.

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