Agreement For Recruiting Service

I have Attached Agreement For Recruiting Service






This agreement dated as on xxxxxxx, by and between xxxxxxxx having registered office at xxxxxxxx And xxxxxxx registered office at  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.


Where as, xxxxxx desires to retain xxxxxxxxxx to perform the services described below and xxxxxx desires to enter into this agreement in connection with its retention by xxxxxx.


Now therefore, the parties agree as follows:


  1. xxxxxxxxx will provide recruitment services to xxxxxxxxxxx by referring candidates in accordance with the job descriptions specified to it by xxxxxx. xxxxxx will provide, any information it has regarding a candidate’s efficiency, honesty and reliability. If xxxxxxxx uses newspapers, magazines, or any type of publication to recruit candidates, it will not disclose xxxxxxx identity, without xxxxxxx prior written consent.


  1. If  xxxxxxxx places a candidate for employment with xxxxxx, xxxxxxxxx consultancy fee will be  as described below:


A)    For Entry level positions    –  8.33%     of the gross annual CTC.

B)     For Middle level positions –   10 %     of the gross annual CTC.

C)    For  Senior level positions  –  12 %     of the gross annual CTC



  1. The Consultancy fee will be payable to xxxxxxxxxx with in 15 days from the receipt of invoice subsequent to joining of candidate.


  1. xxxxxx will consider the candidate as xxxxxxxx candidate only for a period of Three (3) months from the date it sends a complete version of a candidate’s resume, provided xxxxxxxxxx received the candidate’s resume from xxxxxxxx prior to the submission of such resume to xxxxx by any other entity or person.


  1. xxxxxxxxx agrees that any information receives or reviews regarding the candidate, including all information to which xxxxxxx is expected directly or indirectly, is proprietary and confidential toxxxxxxx. xxxxxxx agrees that it will keep such information strictly confidential and shall not disclose it to any third party, or use it directly or indirectly for any purpose except to the extent necessary for the performance of recruiting services under this Agreement. Upon termination of this agreement, xxxxxxxxxxxwill return to xxxxxxx or destroy all information disclosed to xxxxxxxx and all copies thereof.


  1. xxxxxxxx agrees that during the term of this Agreement, xxxxxxxx will not, without prior written consent of xxxxxxx directly approach either for itself or for any third party, any employee of xxxxxxx for recruitment purposes.


  1. xxxxxx will provide a free replacement to xxxxxxx in case a selected candidate leaves xxxxxxx before completing three (3) months of employment.


  1. This Agreement will be effective beginning on the date above and will remain in full force effect until terminated by either party upon written notice.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above:

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