5s Services

You can refer 5S services as follows:

1. 5S Training

There are two popular methods of training are: Training in house and off the house.

Also you can see them more at: 5S training.

2. 5S Consulting

5S consulting is a service that help to train, deploy, assess and support the certification process or the implementation of 5S and / or other quality standards.

If you have no experience you should seek a professional consultant, they can offer many different options depending on the extent of your budget.

3. 5S Audit Service

5S evaluation is to compare and examine the performance compared to the 5S standards.

When you implement 5S audit you should to build 5S checklists.

Assessment process usually includes the following steps:

Initial and official meeting.
Conduct assessment.
Evaluation report.
Improve 5S (CAP), etc

4. 5S Certification

Certification is the recognition of 5S activities in the organization, a company, branch, an area consistent with 5S standards.

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