Cell Phone Policy

1. Providing cell phone

• Company may purchase cell phones and pay for service that apply for some positions such as senior management, sells staff.

• All equipment purchased remains the property of the company.

• A provided cell phone request form must be approved by the director.

• The submitting department must keep the approved records on file and available for internal or external audit.

• All cell phone invoices must be kept with the monthly purchasing card documentation.

• No personal calls are allowed on company-provided cell phones.

• Admin manager must review the monthly bills of company-provided cell phones to ensure that no personal calls were made.

2. Cell phone allowance

• The cell phone allowance must be approved by the employee’s supervisor, director.

• Eligibility for the allowance or the level of the allowance provided is subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time.

• The monthly and phone purchase allowances are not considered part of base pay used for calculating percentage salary increases.

• Admin manager may periodically request that the employee provide a copy of the first page of the phone bill in order to verify that he/she has an active cell phone plan.

3. Employee responsibilities to cell phone policy

• Inform company to discontinue the allowance when the eligibility criteria are no longer met or when the cell service is canceled.

• Pay all charges on his/her personal cell phone plan. If the employee leaves the position, he/she continues to be responsible for the contractual obligations of his/her cell phone plan.

• Sign the cell phone allowance request form thereby certifying that he/she will provide the phone number within five days of activation and will be available for calls during those times specified by management.

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