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Internship Offer Letter Format from Company to Students

Internship Offer Letter from company to students is a formal offer made by the company to the internees which has complete information about their internship i.e. the date, duration, department etc. Companies sometimes send internship offer letter to college or sometimes send appointment letter for internship trainee to the candidate himself. Just like terms and conditions in job offer letter, this summer internship programme offer letter also contains this information.

If you have to send an appointment letter for internship trainee then we bring to you a professional Internship Offer Letter in Word format. Use this internship offer letter sample in India by personalizing it as per your need.

Internship Offer Letter Format from Company to Students

Date: 12.09.18

Radika Sharma

Apex Management Institute


Subject: Summer Internship

Dear Ms. Radika,

This is in response to your application for summer internship with Pinnacle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We would like to extent heartiest congratulations on your selection for internship with Pinnacle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. based at New Delhi for a duration of three months. Your internship will start from May 1st, 2018 and will complete on July 31st, 2018. You will be required to report to Mr. Sumanth Singh on your date of joining. Our team at Pinnacle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is looking forward to have you work with us.

During your internship, the concentration will be on helping you understand the theoretical concepts with their practicality and implications to help you connect your classroom knowledge and on-field experience. We will be happy to train you to learn new skills which are extremely helpful in the professional setting.

Complete details on project will be shared with you before the start of the internship.

Given below is the address where you have to report for internship:

Pinnacle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

M.G. Road

New Delhi

Once again, congratulations to you on your selection and all the best for your endeavors.


Geeta Bakshi

HR Manager

Pinnacle Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Check here download Internship Offer Letter Format from Company to Students in Word Doc Format

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Tips for Writing Summer Internship Programme Offer Letter

Summer internship programmes have always been on high stakes especially among students. However, the program is conducted through different procedures with formal approaches. After an intern is finalized, a .pdf offer letter is officially sent to them to welcome them to the family. Such documents outline activities and projects that will be given responsibility of during the period of internship. These documents are very specific only to help create a better working relationship between the intern and the organization.

Below are a few guidelines to help you write better internship offer letter:

  • It has to be properly addressed to the student intern.
  • The letter should be duly signed by the director/manager/administrator of sponsoring institution/program.
  • Mentioning of the internship position title is a must.
  • Do not forget to mention the name and address of the sponsoring institution/program.
  • Though optional, try to mentioned the required qualifications too.
  • Briefly mention about the duties and responsibilities expected of the intern.
  • If possible mention the time period and number of hours per week with tentative schedule.
  • State clearly about the stipend, i.e. is the internship paid or unpaid.
  • Mention the name, title and contact information of the direct supervisor.

Sample Summer Internship Programme Offer Letter

Date:  __/__/__

(Name) ________________

Address ________________


Dear (Name),

It gives me immense pleasure to offer you a Summer Internship position at (organization name). Please find the following confirmation of the specifics in context to your internship:

Date of starting: __/__/__

Date of ending: __/__/__

Number of Working Hours: 15 hours per week for 150 hours

Compensation: Lunch stipend

Reporting Officer: (Name of supervisor) with whom you will be fixed for a weekly report

Responsibilities: Day-to-day responsibilities with new targets, projects and assignments.

Office Location: You will have to report to (place) at our branch office.

In case of any questions concerning the internship, please feel free to contact me at ____________.

To indicate your acceptance of this offer, do sign and date this letter and return it to the address mentioned below.




(Organization name)

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