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Movement Register or Out Station Duty Slip

I have Attached Movement Register or Out Station Duty Slip.

Logo /  Name of the Organisaztion
Staff Movement Register
Address of the Organization:
Location of office: Date:
Sr. No. Name Designation Place to be visited Purpose of visit Permission granted by Time Out Time In Total time remained  out Status of the Visit Remarks
Cheched by (HR & Admin)                                                                                                              Authorized Signatory
The above enteries in the Movement  Register should be supported with the following Out Statiion Duty Slip in duplicate duly signed by concerned HOD/ Authorized Signatory.
Logo /  Name of the Organisaztion
Official Out Duty Slip
Sr. No. : Copy of HR Department + Copy of Employee
1. Name of Employee:___________________________________
2. Designation : _________________________________________
3. Date of Visit :__________________________________________
4. Time Allowed from: _______________To___________________for out of station duty.
5. Place to be visited : _______________________________________________
6. Purpose of Visit : ___________________________________________________
7. Ordinary duty Hours from ____________to________________ Shift: __________________
Signature of Employee:___________________               Signature of HOD/AS
Date: ______________                                                        Date:______________________


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