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Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy of A Company

Here is Staff Recruitment and Selection Policy of A Company.






The recruitment and selection decision is of prime importance as the vehicle for obtaining the best possible person-to-job fit which will, when aggregated, contribute significantly towards <Company>’s effectiveness. It is also becoming increasingly important, as the Company evolves and changes, that new recruits show a willingness to learn, adaptability and ability to work as part of a team. The Recruitment & Selection procedure should help managers to ensure that these criteria are addressed.

This policy ensures our Recruitment and Selection Policy will :

  • be fair and consistent;
  • be non-discriminatory;
  • conform to all  statutory regulations and agreed best practice.

To ensure that these policy aims are achieved, all appointing managers will receive training in effective recruitment and selection.




The Recruitment Process


The following procedure will be used when a post is to be filled. The appointing manager must:

Define the job. If it is an existing post –  is an exact replacement required or is this an opportunity to revise the requirements. If it is a newly established post be clear on the exact requirements, draw up a job description and consult the appropriate Director / Human Resources Department in relation to the appropriate grade and / or salary.

Complete a Job Vacancy Form which confirms:

  • details of the post
  • final approval from the appropriate Director;
  • in the event of the job being newly established, the approval of the Chief Executive, and confirmation from the Director of Finance, that funding is available.

Send the Job Vacancy Form to the Human Resources Department / Company Administration Office for processing. No vacancy can be processed without this authorisation.

Ensure the Job Description and Person Specification are up-to-date and offer a true representation of the vacant post, and the person you are looking for to fill this post

Collate an information package appropriate for the post. This package should include:

  • job description and if appropriate, the person specification
  • information on the department
  • information on <Company>
  • terms and conditions of employment including salary

It is important that this pack is carefully put together in order to present a professional image of the Company, therefore out-of date or poorly presented information is not suitable.

Discuss with the Human Resources Department / Admin Office / appropriate Director the most effective means of obtaining suitable permanent candidates. The following options should be explored (in this order):

  • Internal advert within the Company
  • Examination of previous applications, or those held on file within the Human Resources Department / Company Administration Office
  • External advert within the job centre
  • External advert in the local press
  • External advert in the National press
  • External advert in the appropriate technical / professional Journal
  • In senior posts the use of a recruitment agency

Design the advertisement.  All advertisements must contain as much information as possible to ensure the correct recruitment group is targeted and reduce unsuitable applications, while remaining as cost-effective as possible.

External adverts should be submitted to the appropriate Director / senior manager with costings for approval before being placed.

The Selection Process


Appropriate selection procedures must be used for each post. Procedures may vary, at its simplest this may involve a straight forward interview and skills testing. For more senior posts psychometric testing, presentations to the interview panel on a chosen topic and/or a series of individual interviews on various topics may be included.

The appointing manager will approach relevant people to assist with shortlisting and interviewing. At least two people should be involved in shortlisting and sit on the Interview Panel.

The application forms received by the closing date will be forwarded to the appointing managers for shortlisting. Applicants must be chosen against the Person Specification. It is the responsibility of the appointing manager at this stage to record (in writing) the reasons why an applicant is not shortlisted. All papers must be returned to the Human Resources Department / Company Administration Office, who will invite the candidates for interview, obtain references and make the necessary housekeeping arrangements for the interview. This will include timetabling the interviews and arranging any pre-employment checks if appropriate. Candidates who have not been shortlisted will also be informed.

At least one week prior to the interview, each panelist will receive an interview pack containing:

  • copies of application forms / cv’s
  • blank interview report forms;
  • a copy of the job advertisement;
  • a copy of the job description;
  • a copy of the person specification

The appointing manager will:

  • decide on the interview format and determine which areas to concentrate on with the questioning;
  • decide on who will chair the Interview Panel;
  • receive the references and pre-employment checks for candidates from the Human Resources Department / Company Administration Offices, and be responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of these, and for their safe return to the Human Resources Department / Company Administration Offices for destruction.

At the interview, the appointing manager will ensure that the Interview Report Form is completed as fully as possible. When interviewing, they will ensure that Equal Opportunities legislation is strictly adhered to, with no discrimination shown on any grounds.

When all candidates have been interviewed, the panel will score them appropriately, and based on this decide on the most suitable person for the post. The appointing manager will arrange to inform the successful candidate as soon as possible, agreeing a commencement date and starting salary.

All interview packs should be returned marked “private & confidential” to the Human Resources Department / Company Administration Offices for filing for future reference if necessary.

Upon return of the Interview Report Form, the Human Resources Department / Company Administration Offices will:

  • telephone all unsuccessful candidates with outcome of interview within one working day, this will be confirmed in writing;
  • write to the appointee, offering the post providing satisfactory references and pre-employment checks have been received
  • initiate a personnel file and computer entry for the new member of staff;
  • notify the Manager if the appointee refuses the offer, or if there are any other details to be cleared.
  • deal with any requirements for removal expenses or the finding of temporary accommodation for the appointee.

The Human Resources Department / Company Administration Offices will arrange, in conjunction with the appointing manager an individual programme of induction for the new start which will be arranged and agreed at least one week before the appointee commences.

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Recruitment and Selection Questionnaire

As per your requirement I am attach herewith Questionnaire on Recruitment and Selection.

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9 mistakes in Recruitment and Selection

9 mistakes in recruitment and selection

Recruitment is a very important contributory factor to the success of a company; however, many companies have not really understood this importance and often made mistakes in recruiting.
We present here the most common mistakes in recruitment as follows:

1. Not careful examination of the candidate’s application form:

When examining the application forms, you should not consider the information therein to be totally true but, in order to recruit a suitable employee, you also need to check the reliability of the candidate’s CV by interviewing via phone at least some candidates (in accordance with the requirements of the Employer) to preliminarily examine their qualification, diligence, outstanding traits, etc. All the information via phone shall help you have easier, faster and better assessments of the Candidates

2. Diploma “Recruitment”

Many companies are used to the evaluation of candidates by the number of diplomas attached with their application forms. Normally but not always, candidates with high and many diplomas are ones with less practical experiences as they spend much of their time studying in stead of practicing.

Professional Employers would like to focus in the personal achievements or potential benefits the candidates brought to their previous companies to evaluate and consider in stead of sitting there and appreciating their diplomas. However, if high professional qualification is required, diplomas then play a very important role showing the candidate’s qualification to the job.

3. Recruitment of Filling “Vacancy”

An employee suddenly leaving off work is like a vacancy in the whole functional process which mostly affecting the productivity of the company.

However, the employer should not base on that to make a quick and passive recruitment to fill in the vacancy. Quick recruited employee is often not qualified enough to the requirements of the company. So, just spend more time selecting suitable employees to the job and making an active selection of the best candidate to the vacancy.

4. Empty Promise

It is such a big mistake if the company makes such too many empty engagements with the candidates in recruitment process that it can not fulfill later. Empty promise not only dissatisfies the employees but also affects on the reputation of the manager, and in worst scenery, bad news shall spread around fast progressly.

Therefore, be careful when making a promise or engagement; make clear answer to which candidate’s need you may satisfy and which not.

5. Lacking of Interviewing skills:

Making suitable interviewing questions and having a correct selection of qualified candidate are necessary skills but not every employer can have.

To make the candidates showing their trait, their understanding, their skills and others by answering the questions, the Employers must be very clever to conduct a two side interview in which they may assess correctly the true potential of the candidates.

6. Candidates are not allowed to make proposal

Never strictly applying current regulations of the company on the candidates but letting them have their own opinions, their own recommendations about matters such as starting salary, bonus, workday, day off, extra hours, etc; this not only shows the employer’s respect of the candidate’s opinion but also helps to understand the candidate’s needs in accordance with the company.

7. “Familiar” Recruitment

To save cost and time, the manager often recruits familiar people in relation to the current employees or to the manager. This is the most common mistake. Remembering that the job of an employer is to find the most suitable candidate to the position but not the “easiest” to find;

8. Recruitment of unsuitable candidate

You should not employ highly independent candidates for the position requiring much team-work, for example. As such, you should set specific requirements to the job which shall make it easier to select a suitable candidate.

Another example, as for a PR position, shy and closed candidates are not options; as for Sales position, active and dynamic candidates should be recruited

9. Not enough information

Providing insufficient information about the company as well as the future work to the candidates shall make them perplexed and un-confident to the requirements of the Job. Moreover, lacking of professional in interviewing also contributes to the disappointment and leaving of the best candidates.

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Useful Format Questionnaire for Recruitment and Selection Project

I had done one format of Questionnaire for Recruitment and Selection. It may be useful to some people.


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