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Example of Resignation Letter Acceptance

Letter sample from a HR manager accepting an employee’s resignation and confirming the date of receipt and processing of a resignation letter.



Sub: Resignation of _________ (personnel) from BDEL

___________ (NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE) was appointed on ______(DATE OF APPOINTMENT) in the capacity of _________(DESIGNATION) and promoted as ___________ (DESIGNATION) on _______(DATE OF PROMOTION) in BD emerald India Limited. We are in receipt of his resignation letter dated _______ whereby he has requested to be relieved from Company duties and other formalities by ________(RELEIVING DATE) by issuing him relieving letter and experience certificates.

As per clause 5, paragraph 2 of the appointment letter one month’s prior notice is required. However, in view of his contribution, sincerity and dedication to the organization, we may if approved, accede to his request for waiving 10 days notice period.

We may, if approved, handover the current responsibility and profile of _________(NAME OF THE RESIGNING EMPLOYEE) to ____________(NAME OF THE EMPLOYEE WHO IS TAKING OVER).

Submitted please.

Manager HR & Admin

For approval COO Pl.

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Sample Resignation Letter Format

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Resignation letter format

I Have Attached Resignation letter format





Dear ___________,

I am writing to you today to officially tender my resignation from Company Name effective Date and Day

I never thought I would ever leave such a great company as Company Name, but when the opportunity arose to REASON; I simply had to take advantage of it.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Company Name, about all the people I’ve encountered in my years of service with the company, and especially about you and all the others on the team. Your leadership has taken us all to new levels, and I have appreciated all your personal and professional advice over the years. It’s my hope that we will stay in touch as I begin this new chapter in my life.

If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks again for everything.


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Employees Resignation Letter

I Have Attached Employees Resignation Letter

Date :



The Branch manager,






Sub: – Resignation Letter


This is xxxxx I was worked in this origination last two months onwards. As a (Legal section).  Do to the My personal problems i am resigning this jobs.

I wish to thank you and this company for all the opportunities I got here, and I do appreciate the support and concern you have shown me. I wish the company continue success.


Yours sincerely,



For business plans, & HR Interview Question& answers

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Procedure of the Activities of Human Resource Department

A) Activities Handled at a glance.


i)Service File (Employee’s file)




v) Resignation


B) Detailed procedure of the activities handled alongwith documentation involved:


  1. i. Service File:

Curriculam Vitae

Proof of Educational Qualification (Marksheets and Certificates)

Senior secondary certificate/ marksheet

Higher secondary certificate/ marksheet

Graduation marksheet

Post Graduation marksheet

Professional qualification / marksheet

Copy of appointment letter.

Detail sheet in original (annexure  to interview call letter)

Two recent passport size photographs

Experience certificate/s

Relieving letter if possible

Promotion letter

Increment letter

Renewal letter


ii) Recruitment


Obtaining approval from competent authority – COO

Releasing an advertisement for recruitments.

Receiving applications.

Scanning / Scrutinizing the applications on the basis of criteria mentioned

Shortlisting the candidates

Sending the interview call letters

Sending invitation letter to panel members

To obtain confirmation calls and mails from respective candidates

Conduction of interview and selection of candidate/s, verification of  concerned certificates

Sending the appointment letter/s (in duplicate)

Receiving the acceptance copy duly signed



To get the details of a training program.

To assess the need for providing the training of that particular program.

Getting it discussed with competent authority and obtaining the approval of CEO (via note)

Sending suitable candidate / s concerned in that particular stream or area for the program.



One month prior notice is to be given.

Obtaining the approval from competent authority – COO (via note) and getting the acceptance.

Handling over the all relevant document to the person concerned duly acknowledged.

Clearance or recovery of dues if any related to company.

Issue of experience certificate and relieving letter.


Sanction of Leave

Balance of leave is to be checked before applying.

Applying for the leave in the prescribed format and getting it signed by the recommending official.

Forwarding the same to the to COO for sanction.

Submitting the same to HRD.

Accordingly updations to be made


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VRS Resignation & Acceptance Formats under IR Act

I have enclosed the VRS Resignation & Acceptance Formats under Industrial Disputes Act of industrial Employees.

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Date: _


To: _ [Employer]

I hereby tender my resignation from the firm effective _, 19_. At that time I shall deliver all property of the firm in my possession.


Very truly,




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Letter of Resignation

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxx

This is to inform you that an opportunity has presented itself that will enable me to work in the area of my stated preference, which is [designate]

I am therefore tendering my resignation from your company and wish to advise you that   [date]  will be my last day of employment.

I would like to thank you for the experience of having worked for [name of firm], a truly outstanding organization.

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Discreet Letter of Resignation

Dear xxxxxxxxxx

It is with great sorrow that I am hereby tendering my resignation to you.

Although there is much to say, I believe the reasons leading to this decision are known by you, and I will therefore leave them unsaid at this time.

I appreciate having had the opportunity of being a member of [name of firm]     for so many years and offer my best wishes for your continued success.

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Acceptance of Resignation

Dear Concern,

It is with deep regret, that we accept your resignation as [position] of the [organization].


We can appreciate the demands that this position has placed on you, and appreciate all of the fine contributions you have made as [position].


Very truly,


For The Corporation


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Resignation due to Illness – Letter Format

Attach Here is a sample Resignation Letter for Illness.

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