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Relationship Manager Interview Questions and Answers

A relationship manager could work in either retail or wholesale banking and is required to help and advice clients. The range and scope of his work would range from helping clients with their account details to giving advice on financial investments. A relationship manager is required to interact with customers and so good communication and presentation skills are necessary for this job. Following are some frequently asked relationship manager interview questions and answers. You can make your preparation for the interview with these sample questions.

1 Q: Which skills do you think are required for the position of relationship manager?

A: The skills required for the position of relationship manager include excellent communication and listening skills, presentation skills, ability to analyze and research information, good sales and negotiation skills and confidence. Also give examples how you demonstrated these skills in your previous job. Always be honest in your answer.

2 Q: What motivates you?

A: For answering this question, you need to know what inspires you and keeps you happy at work. Mention some aspects which also highlight your abilities. The interviewer wants to know what inspires you to do good work and achieve success. Talk in a few sentences and keep it simple.

3 Q: What are your strengths?

A: Choose the most relevant strengths to the job you are applying for. It is important to give a good answer to this question. Mention your strengths giving examples from your previous job experience and also describing how your strengths will be of advantage to the company you are interviewing for.

4 Q: What are your weaknesses?

A: When answering this question, choose an area of work where you think you can do better. Mention clearly what steps you are taking to overcome your weakness. Do not make your answer lengthy. Keep the answer short and to the point.

5 Q: Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

A: The interviewer wants to know about your goals. You should avoid describing your personal goals. The interviewer is interested in knowing about your professional goals. You can say that you want to advance to a level with greater responsibility and impact. Try to convey that you will be with them for those five years but just at a higher level.

6 Q: Describe about a situation where you failed.

A: You should be honest while giving this answer. Describe a situation that is real and which actually happened. Say something that was a failure but you were able to fix it or at least you learnt from it. Say about how you avoid preventing failure in future. You should sound confident while saying your answer.

7 Q: Why should we hire you?

A: Make sure you have read the job description and know what they are looking for. Give a unique answer to make the interviewer think you as a suitable candidate for the position. You need to mention about your unique selling proposition that makes you stand apart from other candidates. You can say about your achievements and the skills you have learnt from your current job which will help you in the job you are interviewing for.

8 Q: Describe how you will contribute to this company.

A: One of the best ways to answer this is to give example of what you have achieved in the past and relate this to the future. You need to relate your abilities to the employer’s goals. You need to give a convincing answer to the interviewer. Describe in what ways you will prove beneficial for the company.

9 Q: How long would you expect to stay with this company if we hired you?

A: You need not mention the number of years you would stay with this company. But you should ensure the interviewer that you are not going to jump soon for the next opportunity. Show your commitment and loyalty to the job that you take on.

10 Q: Why are you leaving your current job?

A: Do not be negative while answering this question. Mention reasons which bring you in a positive light. You can say that you are looking for professional growth and new challenges. Try to be positive and keep the answer short.

11 Q: What do you know about this company?

A: Do your research about the company well before your interview. You don’t need to know everything but you should have a fair idea about the company. This shows that you are serious about the position and reflects your interest in the company. Talk in a few sentences mentioning only the important points.

12 Q: Do you have any questions?

A: Always have something to ask whenever this question comes up. This shows that you have an interest in the company and the position you are interviewing for. If you don’t have any question then discuss about your role. It is better to ask something than nothing. Limit your questions to three or four.

13 Q: What were your achievements in your previous job?

A: Describe about your professional achievements like good feedback from your previous boss or you can also discuss about your promotions. Do not make your answer very lengthy or you will be thought of as a proud person. Highlight only the important achievements.

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