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Assistant Manager Interview Questions and Answers

The assistant manager’s position is mostly in sales, food, and hotel businesses. The assistant manager’s interview is not an easy one. Before appearing for the interview, it is advisable to be prepared with answers of some common questions. Even if you are experienced you will need a little preparation before facing your interview. Given below are some assistant manager interview questions along with answers. These questions are most frequently asked by interviewers for interviewing for the post of assistant manager. However, you should be prepared for some unexpected questions as well.

1 Q: What according to you is the importance of an assistant manager in a company?

A: Assistant manager’s role is a very challenging role. Assistant managers are required to apply management skills for managing the company. They are responsible for communicating with employees, senior managers and customers also. Assistant managers are mainly responsible for assisting the senior managers. Thus, assistant managers are important in a company.

2 Q: Do you find the job of an assistant manager as interesting?

A: An assistant manager is a management job and hence interaction with people is necessary. In such a role one can improve their interpersonal skill, adaptability, problem solving and ability to multitask. Since there are many opportunities to learn in this role , the job of an assistant manager is an interesting one.

3 Q:. Are you aware of the work pressure in an assistant manager’s position?

A: There are definitely work pressures involved in an assistant manager’s job. You should always answer this positively adding that working under pressure makes you work more efficiently. Work pressure will not be a difficulty for you but help you work in a better way.

4 Q: Do you know about the responsibilities of an assistant manager?

A: If you already have work experience, you can easily answer because you will very well know the responsibilities. If you are facing such an interview for the first time, it is better to read about the job description before appearing for the interview. The main responsibility of assistant manager is to assist the senior manager in daily works of the company. Assistant manager also has to acts as a medium to communicate between the staff and the senior manager. Employee training and client servicing are other responsibilities.

5 Q:. In your previous job, did you face any kind of challenges?

A: Here the interviewer wants to know how you handled problems or challenges in the past as you will be getting challenges in future also. Provide an example to the interviewer when you faced a challenge and how with your skills you were able to overcome the same.

6 Q:. You will be responsible for assigning works to your juniors. What will be your way of assigning work?

A: The interviewer wants to find out through this question how you delegate tasks to your juniors. You need to remember about the deadlines and use ways for improving the performance of the employees.

7 Q:. In what way have you demonstrated your decision making skill in your previous job?

A: You need to answer this question in a very simple and brief manner. Decision making is always done after taking into consideration all the possible alternatives and then choosing the appropriate one. Also, include in your answer, that your decision will be based taking into account available resources and limitations.

8 Q:. Have you ever been criticized for your work in your previous job?

A: The answer here should be given in a very intelligent manner. As the answer will bring out negative qualities, you have to say it in a way that does not make you unfit for the job. Bring out something positive like you gave your best and you took the criticism in a positive way and how it helped you in future. You have to give an impressive answer to such a difficult question.

9 Q:. What was your reason for leaving your previous job?

A: Whatever may be the reason, you should include only positive reasons in your answer. You should always acknowledge whatever you learnt from your previous employer. Your skills improved and plus you gained experience from your previous job. Never ever criticize about your previous job.

10 Q: How will your co workers describe you?

A: The answer you give should be in line with the job you have applied for. You can say few words abut how people talk about you like hard worker or reliable. Whatever you say must be positive and it is better to keep the answer short and to the point.

11 Q:. What is your greatest achievement till date?

A: Your greatest achievement should be something from your previous job and it should relate to the job you are applying. Do not make your answer lengthy but include all necessary details so as to give an impressive answer to the interviewer.

12 Q. Did you have any issues with your previous boss?

A: This is a very difficult question. You should always avoid saying that you had issues because if you say this, you will not be considered for the job. Just answer in a straight manner that you never had any issues.

13 Q. Are you comfortable working in a team?

A: In an Assistant Manager’s position, you have to work with your senior manager and your juniors. So working in a team is essential. You cannot work independently in any company. You should always be able to work in a team. So your answer will be a yes.

14 Q. Why do you want to work as an assistant manager?

A: You should mention that this role suits you at this point of your career. Also, talk about the benefits the company is offering for this position. You can also add about the company’s good reputation. Whatever you say should sound convincing.

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Area Sales Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Area Sales Manager interview questions are mostly related to the job area. It is necessary to do some preparations before appearing in the interview. The questions asked during the interview are all managerial level questions as per the job designation. Here you will find some frequently asked Area Sales Manager interview questions with answers.

Q: What is your reason for working in a sales job?

A: While answering this question one should never say that it is easy to get a job in sales or the pay is good etc. Interviewers are not expecting such kind of answers. Sales job is a challenging kind of a job and you can mention that you like challenges and hence want to be in a sales job or you can say that you always wanted to enter this area of work to utilize your skills. Sales job also enables personal growth because you are always learning something new in a sales job by interacting with people. You can also give examples about how you started liking sales job because of your internship or your liking etc.

Q: Tell me about your sales process, if you are given a qualified lead and how many contacts can you make from the qualified lead?

A: Building a good relationship with the customer and finding out his needs are the first important steps. On an average 12 contacts can be made from a qualified lead.

Q:. Is cold calling dead or alive?

A: Cold calling is definitely not dead. When sales are not achieved through other ways, cold calling is always there. The effectiveness of cold calling depends on who you call, product or service on offer and at what frequency the call is made. In today’s way of marketing, social selling has changed things but there is still the need to pick up the phone and have a conversation with a prospect.

Q: Explain the relationship between sales and marketing

A: Even though sales and marketing are two very different functions, both are important for each other. They both share a common goal which is increasing revenue of the organization. The marketers generate leads and sales executives close the lead. Since sales and marketing complement each other, they should adopt means which help them achieve their mutual objective. There should be open communication between both the departments so as to benefit the organization as a whole.

Q:. Do you think sales reps should be paid commission?

A: Yes, sales reps should be paid a commission as it will provide a boost to sell more in order to get more commission. Commissions are incentive for the sales reps and hence such commissions are beneficial for every sales company.

Q:. According to you, what is the importance of listening skills in a sales job?

A: In order to sell products to the customer, it is important to listen about the needs of the customer. Building a good rapport with the customer is only possible if you listen to him. You may miss out something important or lose your sale if you don’t listen properly. In order to make sales, speaking skills is important but listening skill is also equally important.

Q:. While making a sales call, what should be the outcome?

A: The outcome is always to make a sale during the sales call. But in case if it doesn’t happen immediately, a meeting or a follow up call is the outcome.

Q:. What has been your achievement of your sales career till date?

A: A good record in sales is an achievement when you are applying for a sales manager post. Highlighting some sales achievements in your previous companies will help in depicting your achievement more clearly.

Q:. Do you prefer to work independently or in a team?

A: A team environment is common in sales. However, you should make clear that you are able to work individually as well as in a team. You should show that you will be comfortable in both ways.

Q: What will be your way of selling an unpopular idea to an individual?

A: Selling an unpopular idea to an individual can be difficult. But it all depends on the way you go about it. Warming up with the individual is important before talking about the product and why the customer needs it. It may happen that you may be able to sell or you may not.

Q:. According to you, out of the two ‘managing’ and ‘leading’ , which one is more important?

A: Managers are the brains of the business whereas leaders are the heart of business. Managers establish systems and rules whereas leaders set the direction and provide motivation to achieve a common goal. Managers do things right . Leaders do the right things. Every manager cannot be a leader. As the core activities of both the managers and leaders are different. But there are few individuals who can be both good managers as well as leaders. Thus, both managing and leading are important.

Q. In case of a conflict within your sales team, how will you resolve?

A: Conflict within the sales team can be resolved through communication and working out a solution together. I would first find out the real problem and then work out for a possible solution.

Q. Do you set sale targets for your staff?

A: Yes, it is important to set sales target for sales staff as it will help them in working towards the set goal more efficiently. Such targets define what is expected from them.

Q. What are the key responsibilities of a sales manager?

A: The key responsibilities of a sales manager include meeting the sales targets of the organization, devising strategies and techniques to achieve the sales targets, motivating the team members, monitor customer preferences , review the operational records, control expenses and develop promotional ideas and material.

Q. Suggest some selling techniques.

A: While selling the product, transparency, honesty and integrity is of utmost importance for the customers. Maintaining a good relation with customers is one of the most effective sales techniques. Every sales person has his or her own strategy for closing the lead. Listening and confidently answering the questions of the customers, convincing the need for the product to the customer are some ways which can lead to a sale. It is not difficult to sell a product, it’s the strategy adopted that makes the difference.

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