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Escalation Matrix Format in Excel

Please Find the attachment Guide Employee And Make Them Stick To The Rules.

Escalation Matrix for Individual Concern
SL.No Reason Employees Departments
1 Leave Application: Immediate TL
Administrator (Name , email id and to be given ).
*(In absence of TL next person can be approached)
2 Salaries: Tele Mktg & Mktg TL
Back-End HR
3 Downloads: Any Employee Accessing of other websites & downloading personal contents not related to professional requirement is strictly prohibited.
4 Mobile phones: All Employees Management hereby instructs all the employees to switch off their mobiles  during office hours except in lunch break. In case of an emergency you can provide our office contact no:   040-66442266, going forward employees will be provided with lockers to keep their mobiles. Also carrying  personal laptops, pendrives or any data storage devices to office will not be allowed.
5 Unnecessary Mails: All Employees All Notifications / Subscriptions reaching official email id’s pertaining to personal usage must be immediately un-subscribed from possible sources.
6 ID Cards: All Employees Wearing ID Cards during professional working hours is mandatory.
7 Miscellaneous: For All Employees In case of any other requirements not mentioned above, please contact HR only.
** NOTE: For All Employees Stern Action will be taken against any employee deviating from the above laid policies which may even lead to termination.


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