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Graphic Design Interview Questions and Answers

Graphic designers are very much in demand nowadays. To be selected in a job interview, a candidate needs to have the required skills and abilities that are needed in a graphic designer. Creativity, ability to interpret the needs and demands of people are some skills of a graphic designer. Apart from this, knowledge of Photoshop, CAD and other tools are also essential for a graphic designer. Below are some commonly asked graphic design interview questions along with their answers. Make some preparation before appearing for the interview with these questions.

1 Q: Why did you choose graphic designer as your career?

A: Say your motive which made you choose graphic designer as your career. Different motives of career choice should reflect in your answer. Do not mention about things that everyone knows like money, good working environment or different projects. Focus on something which is different and corresponds to your motive and also it is for the benefit of the organization.

2 Q: How do you deal with criticism?

A: Criticism should always be taken in a healthy manner and it should be looked as an area of improvement. For a graphic designer, it may happen that his or her work is not appreciated because of the different preferences of people. So in such a case, criticism should be taken as a challenge and a learning experience.

3 Q:. Name some graphic companies you like the most.

A: Give the names of the graphic companies that you personally like. Mention some of their works and also add what ideas you have to give them competition. You should demonstrate your ability to contribute in a confident manner.

4 Q: How good are you at using relevant computer tools?

A: Graphic Designers work is related with the use of computers. The entire process of graphic design requires proficiency with computer software. A graphic designer has to make use of graphs, layouts, designs and illustrations in their work. Name only the few tools which you are really good at. Mention how long have you been working with these tools. If you say yourself good at all computer tools, later on if they take a test, the truth may come out.

5 Q: Are communication and interpersonal skills required for the job of a graphic designer?

A: Graphic designers have to work in a team. They have to work in accordance with the client’s needs. For this communication with the client is essential so as to know what final outcome is required from their work. So for all these reasons, communication and interpersonal skills are required for the job of a graphic designer.

6 Q:. Do you have experience with any products?

A: The interviewer wants to find out how much knowledge and experience you have in the field of graphic design. Logo design is a frequent job for graphic designers and it is often thought of as a beginner’s job. Mention one or two important works you have done and describe about them. You can demonstrate your abilities and skills through the work.

7 Q:. What are you professional strengths?

A: Creativity, interpersonal and communication skills are of prime importance in a graphic design job. Demonstrate with examples where you showed these skills in your work. Try to keep your answer in short and do not speak much about your strengths or else you may be looked upon as a proudy person.

8 Q:. What do you think your day will be like as a graphic designer in our company?

A: The answer to this question is to list out all the working tasks that you will undertake after joining the company. Describe about all the works you will be doing as the day goes by. It is good if you give an organized answer to this question.

9 Q:. According to you, what are the current trends in the area of graphic design?

A: For answering this question, it is advisable to read about the current trends in graphic design from various sources like news, websites etc. Also pay attention to the works of the company you are interviewing for and add this in your answer. This will create a good impression about you as the interviewer may find you suitable for the company.

10 Q: What kind of design projects are you interested in?

A: The interviewer here wants to know whether you will be interested in working in the design projects of their company. It is better to give an answer which matches with the design projects of the company. Do some research before appearing for the interview to know about their portfolio.

11 Q:. What have you done to improve your knowledge of graphic design?

A: Mention things like about your training in graphic design, additional classes that you took, new software knowledge that you acquired etc. The interviewer is not interested in employing a candidate who is not into the habit of updating himself. You can also talk about your future ideas in your response. Answer in an intelligent way so as to better you chances of becoming employed.

12 Q: How committed are you in matters relating to deadlines?

A: The interviewer is looking for an efficient employee who is committed to complete their work on time. Be honest in your answer. If you are good at committing to deadlines then you can say with examples of your previous job. However, if you don’t find yourself to ge good with deadlines, it is best to answer the interviewer that you respect deadlines and put in effort to get the job done.

13 Q: What have you learned from your mistakes as a graphic designer?

A: Mention the mistakes you have done in your previous job and what you learnt from them. Everyone makes mistake so it will be foolishness to deny that you never committed any mistake. Show the positive sides of the mistake which lead you to become a better graphic designer.

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